Stop Outsourcing Laundry with a Washer and Dryer Combo

A washer and dryer combo is a viable solution for businesses currently outsourcing their laundry needs to a third party service. This simple and easy to use appliance does not take up much space in your business. It is the ideal solution for beauty salons, spas, day care centers, and doctors’ offices. All that is needed to install the compact washer and dryer is access to hot and cold water lines, a discharge drain, and a standard 3-prong electrical outlet. The appliance may also be converted into a portable washer dryer with a wheel kit and kitchen sink conversion kit.

Some of the places where businesses have installed a washer and dryer combo include bathrooms, utility rooms, kitchens, and storage closets. With a LG washer dryer combo, both washing and drying functions are performed in one compact appliance. You eliminate stacks of dirty towels, gowns, and other items sitting around your business. You also never have to worry about running out of clean items during busy periods, since you can start a load of laundry whenever necessary.

Not only is a LG washer dryer energy-efficient, it uses ventless drying technologies, removing the need to have a dryer vent installed at your place of business. To learn more about LG washer dryer combo models or assistance in selecting one for your business, contact us at 800-875-1533, and speak to one of our knowledgeable and friendly laundry technicians today.

Choosing the Correct Water Setting on an LG Washer

Selecting the right water temperature setting on your LG washer is important to ensure your clothes come out clean and stains are removed. You need to use the right temperature setting to remove some types of stains. Otherwise, the stains do not come out, and as the clothes dry, the heat sets the stain and makes it even more difficult, if not impossible to remove later.

Before loading your LG washer, take the time to sort your clothes into whites, lights, and darks. Heavier items, like jeans, hoodies, towels, and sweaters should be sorted into their own loads. In addition, sort dirtier clothing, like those with grease, dirt, and stains from less soiled clothing.

  1. Hot Water Setting: Use hot water to wash white clothes to keep them bright, as well as heavily soiled, greasy, or oily clothing. Hot water is also recommended for killing germs, like washing bedding whenever someone is sick with a cold or the flu.
  2. Warm Water Setting: Warm water is perfect for most loads of laundry and helps reduce wrinkling. Use this setting for non-delicates and light colored clothing that does not bleed.
  3. Cold Water Setting: Cold water should be used on delicates, wool, dark colors, and clothing that shrinks easily. Lightly soiled loads may also be washed in cold water. Use cold water to remove coffee, tea, blood, and red wine stains.

No matter which water setting you select, use cold water rinsing since it helps save on your energy bill. For more information about LG washer settings, or assistance in selecting a new LG washer and dryer for your home, call us at 800-875-1533 now. 

Save Money on a New Washer and Dryer Combo with Year End Incentives

November and December are great times to find deals on a washer and dryer combo. Many manufacturers, like LG, offer a wide range of incentives at this time of year. By taking advantage of these limited time offers, you can save some money replacing your existing laundry pair, or purchase a new all-in-one washer dryer to gain the convenience of in-home laundry. Combination washers and dryers provide flexibility and ease of installation in any home, regardless of whether you have an existing laundry room or washer and dryer connections.

You can install a washer and dryer combo in just about any room in your home, such as your bathroom, kitchen, hallway closet, or basement. The only connections required are access to hot and cold water lines, a discharge drain line, and a standard 3-prong 110 volt electrical outlet. Modern combination washers and dryers use ventless drying technology, so there is no need for dryer venting. This key feature is well suited for any home looking for an in-home laundry solution currently lacking a dryer vent.

You can convert an all-in-one washer dryer into a portable machine if you are unable to make modifications to your home to tap existing water and drain lines, like for people renting an apartment or townhouse. The conversion kit allows you to do laundry easily by simply rolling the machine up to your kitchen sink, plugging it into an outlet, and turning on the water.

To learn more about current deals on combination washers and dryers, feel free to call us at 800-875-1533.

Save Money by Purchasing a High-End Washer and Dryer Combo

Whenever you are looking for high-end energy efficient laundry solutions for your home, business, or rental properties, a washer and dryer combo is normally a more cost-effective solution because you are purchasing a single appliance. It is easy to spend around $2,000 or more for high quality stand-alone or stackable front loading, energy-efficient washers and dryers. On the other hand, you can reduce this cost by at least 25 percent or more by considering an all-in-one laundry appliance.

Where Can I Install a Combination Washer and Dryer?

You have several different options available for installing a combination washer and dryer in your home, business, or rental properties. You can install the appliance in an existing laundry room. If you do not have a laundry room, you could install the appliance in your kitchen, much like your dishwasher. You are even able to convert the appliance into a portable machine for easy connection to your kitchen sink.

Does It Cost More to Maintain and Repair a Washer and Dryer Combo?

While you might think the costs to maintain and repair a washer and dryer combo are more, you would be wrong. In fact, repair and maintenance costs are much less with all-in-one appliances, than compared to similar service calls for stand-alone washers and dryers. The reason service calls cost less is because the service technician only has to perform maintenance and/or repairs on a single appliance.

Feel free to call us at 800-875-1533 to learn more about energy-efficient all-in-one washers and dryers for your home, business, or rental properties, today.

Cut Energy Bills with a New LG Washer and Dryer

If you are looking for ways to cut down on your water and energy bills, you should consider replacing your older conventional laundry pairs with new LG washer and dryer energy-efficient models. LG has options for side-by-side and stackable appliances, as well as a combination models.

LG Washer Energy-Efficient Features

Energy-efficient LG washer models require smaller amounts of water to get your clothes clean and dry. This is especially helpful for those cycles where you use warm or hot water. Because of the reduction in water, your hot water heater runs less often. As a result, your energy costs for operating the hot water heater are also decreased.

LG Dryer Energy-Efficient Features

Another energy-saving feature is the amount of electricity used per drying cycle. Conventional vented dryers use more electricity to fully dry your clothes. For each cycle, traditional dryers have to heat the air before passing it into the drum. Once the air leaves the drum, it is vented outdoors rather than being recycled and reused. Further, these models have higher maintenance costs, since you have to have your vents cleaned and inspected on a regular basis.

LG dryer models use ventless drying. This technology recycles the heated air until your clothes are fully dry, using either cold water condensation drying or air-to-air condensation drying. There are no vents to clean and maintain, so these costs are also eliminated.

Visit our website today to discover even more energy-efficient features found in LG washer and dryer models. 

Take Up Less Space with a Compact Washer and Dryer

A compact washer and dryer provide the advantage of taking up less space in your home. Many of the features and benefits found in larger models are also present in these space-saving designs. The compact washer includes:

  • 24 inch design
  • 1 year parts and labor warranty
  • 10 year warrant on the motor (parts only)
  • Lifetime warranty on the stainless steel drum
  • 2.7 cubic foot Ultra Capacity with NeveRust™ stainless steel drum
  • Direct drive motor with speeds up to 1300 RPM
  • LoDecibel™ quite operation
  • Energy and water efficient
  • 9 washing programs, including sanitary cycle and delay wash
  • 5 temperature selections
  • SenseClean™ technology
  • Stackable option
  • Intelligent and easy to use electronic control panel with LED display

The features and benefits found on the compact dryer include:

  • 24 inch design
  • 1 year parts and labor warranty
  • 4.2 cubic foot large capacity with NeveRust™
  • Sensor dry system
  • 9 drying programs with 10 options
  • Precise temperature control with variable heat source
  • Wrinkle care and delicate cycle options
  • Ventless drying technology
  • LoDecibel™ quite operations
  • Electronic control panel with LED display; similar to the washer

One of the key differences with a compact washer and dryer is ventless drying. This technology eliminates the need for an external vent in the home. You do not have to worry about construction costs for adding a vent if your home does not have one, as well as the costs and risks associated with using vented drying, like regular cleaning and fire hazards. To learn more about compact laundry solutions for your home, feel free to explore our website or contact us directly. 

Stop Spending Time at the Laundromat by Getting Your Own LG Washer Dryer Combo

If you live in an apartment without in-unit laundry, it can become tiresome making endless trips to the laundromat, or having to sit for hours in an onsite central laundry area. You might wonder who used the machines last, and what they washed in them. Some people use shared laundry for washing items they do not want to launder in their own machines, such as their pet’s bedding and blankets. Would you really want to wash and dry your clothes in a machine if you knew what the person before you washed and dried? Maybe not, and fortunately there is a space saving and compact solution with a combination LG washer dryer that allows you to do laundry at home, even when there are no existing connections.

How Does a Washer and Dryer Combo Work?

An all-in-one LG washer dryer model allows you to both wash and dry your clothes in the same machine. Thanks to modern advances in technology, the unit can be installed just about anywhere in your apartment, as long as there is access to a 3-prong 110 V standard outlet, hot and cold water lines, and a drain. The dryer function does not require a vent, because it uses cold water condensation ventless drying.

Most people who live in apartments or other rental properties add on the sink conversion kit and wheel kit to their combination washer dryer model. These kits allow them the ability to easily move the machine and roll it right up to their kitchen sink. This eliminates having to get permission to tap existing water and drain lines from their apartment manager or landlord, and makes it simple and easy to do laundry in the convenience of their homes.