Tips for Doing Laundry at College

Exerting you independence is something young adults get to experience firsthand when they leave home to attend college. If you are like most students, you cannot let stacks of dirty clothes pile up and haul them all home for your parents to wash in their LG washer and dryer. At some point, you are going to have to wash your own clothes and figure out how to do laundry. With these easy tips, you are sure to avoid explaining how you turned all your socks and underwear pink.

  1. Buy laundry supplies. Pick up a laundry bag or basket, detergent, color safe bleach, and fabric softener. Keep in mind, chlorine bleach is for solid whites only, and color safe bleach can be used with all your dirty laundry. You are free to choose from liquid and powder detergents—though liquids work better in cold water—as well as liquid or dryer sheets for your fabric softener. Tip: Purchase the same products your parents have at home, because you know you are not allergic to these products.
  2. Get plenty of quarters. You cannot rely upon change machines or other people to supply you quarters all of the time. Some colleges allow students to use their student IDs in college laundry rooms in place of quarters, as long as they have cash in their student account.
  3. Sort your clothes. Sort whites, lights, and darks, and jeans into separate loads. Whites are best washed in hot water, lights in warm water, and darks and jeans in cold water. Refer to the use and care tags in your clothing to see what the manufacturer recommends, too, if you are in doubt.
  4. Select the correct washer and dryer settings. Stuffing a washer full will not get your clothes clean. Ideally, only fill the washer about two-thirds full. Select the right water temperature and size of the load. Add detergent, bleach, and fabric softener, and start the machine. With dryer cycles, never use high heat, as it could shrink your clothes. Remember to check the link screen and clean it before and after the dryer cycle.
  5. Fold clothing as soon as it comes out of the dryer. Taking the time to fold your clothes prevents wrinkles. It is also easier to smooth out any wrinkles in the clothing while it is still warm, which eliminates having to iron your clothes.
  6. Be mindful of others. Whether you are doing laundry in your dorm room or at a local laundromat, everyone has to share the machines and help keep the laundry area clean. In addition, never leave clothes sitting unattended in washers or dryers.
  7. Select the best time to do laundry. If it is busy, you may be stuck with only one washer and dryer or waiting for a machine to become free. Learn when the laundry room or laundromat is the least busy to be able to have access to multiple machines.

Doing your own laundry is not difficult, even if you have never done a load of laundry before arriving at college. For other laundry tips and suggestions, feel free to give LG Washer Dryer FJS Distributors, Inc. a call at 800-875-1533 today.

LG Washer and Dryer

Tips on How to Make Your Laundry Environmentally Friendly

For people looking to reduce their carbon footprint and be more green-conscious about doing their laundry, there are several things you can do to make a difference. The biggest one is to replace your old washer and dryer with a new, energy efficient, front loading washer dryer combo. Combination machines use a fraction of the water and electricity as conventional machines. Most households recover the costs for a washer and dryer combo within the first two or three years of operation with the amount of money they save on energy and water bills.

Other things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint, include:

  • Do Less Laundry: Unless you work in an environment where your clothes get dirty, such as the construction, auto repair, or culinary industries, most clothing can be worn more than once, like jeans, slacks, hoodies, and dress shirts.
  • Use High Efficiency (HE) Products: Detergents, fabric softeners, bleach, and other laundry aids are now concentrated for HE washers and dryers. Using less of these products not only reduces your laundry costs, but is also good for the environment.
  • Use Eco-Friendly Products: When selecting HE products, try to choose ones that are eco-friendly by looking for labels which say, “Biodegradable” or “phosphate-free.”
  • Minimize Dryer Usage: Hanging clothes outside on a clothes line to dry costs nothing. If you live in a city or other area where this is not possible, consider putting hoodies, sweaters, jeans, and other clothing items on hangers and hanging them on your patio to dry.

For other eco-friendly laundry tips, or to learn more about washer dryer combos, contact LG Washer Dryer today at 800-875-1533.

Choosing the Correct Water Setting on an LG Washer

Selecting the right water temperature setting on your LG washer is important to ensure your clothes come out clean and stains are removed. You need to use the right temperature setting to remove some types of stains. Otherwise, the stains do not come out, and as the clothes dry, the heat sets the stain and makes it even more difficult, if not impossible to remove later.

Before loading your LG washer, take the time to sort your clothes into whites, lights, and darks. Heavier items, like jeans, hoodies, towels, and sweaters should be sorted into their own loads. In addition, sort dirtier clothing, like those with grease, dirt, and stains from less soiled clothing.

  1. Hot Water Setting: Use hot water to wash white clothes to keep them bright, as well as heavily soiled, greasy, or oily clothing. Hot water is also recommended for killing germs, like washing bedding whenever someone is sick with a cold or the flu.
  2. Warm Water Setting: Warm water is perfect for most loads of laundry and helps reduce wrinkling. Use this setting for non-delicates and light colored clothing that does not bleed.
  3. Cold Water Setting: Cold water should be used on delicates, wool, dark colors, and clothing that shrinks easily. Lightly soiled loads may also be washed in cold water. Use cold water to remove coffee, tea, blood, and red wine stains.

No matter which water setting you select, use cold water rinsing since it helps save on your energy bill. For more information about LG washer settings, or assistance in selecting a new LG washer and dryer for your home, call us at 800-875-1533 now. 

LG Washer and Dryer Solutions for Your Home

If you are tired of making regular trips to your local laundromat to do laundry, it is time to explore other laundry options, like finding the right LG washer and dryer for your home. LG offers people a wide range of in-home laundry solutions, whether you own your house or condo, or rent an apartment or home. LG takes the worry about needing a dryer vent out of the equation, to make it easier to choose a laundry solution for your home. All modern laundry solutions from LG include ventless drying technologies. 

LG Washer and Dryer Options

Since you do not have to worry about dryer vents, you are free to focus on what is necessary to install a LG washer in your home. All washers need to be connected to hot and cold water lines, a discharge drain, and use a standard 110 volt three-prong outlet. If your home already has these connections, your next step is to measure the laundry area to ensure what size washers and dryers will fit into the available space. Remember, you need a few inches on each side, and the back of the appliances left open for ventilation.

If your home lacks existing laundry connections, you have a few different options. You could tap into existing water, drain, and electrical lines and remodel a closet or other area as your laundry room. If you are unable to remodel the home because you are renting, you will want to consider combination washer and dryer models, since these can be converted into portable machines that connect right to your kitchen sink.

Call us today at 800-875-1533 to learn more about LG washer and dryer solutions for your home. 

Energy Efficient Stand-Alone and Combination LG Washers

You have different options when it comes to selecting new frontloading LG washers. Some people prefer a stand-alone model that they can set next to a dryer, or to stack the dryer on top of the washing machine. A compact model is very energy efficient to help save you money on your water bills and electric bills. Full wash cycles only require 9.3 gallons of water, compared to around 30 gallons for other frontloading models.

Another option is the innovative LG washer dryer combo. This type of machine is already popular in other areas of the world, like the United Kingdom, because it combines both washing and drying functions into a single, space-saving model. Other advantages with an all-in-one model are the energy-efficient benefits you experience. These models use half the water, electricity, and space as conventional laundry pairs.

A combination model is well suited for homes, apartment complexes, and condominiums with small laundry rooms, or those without any existing laundry connections. Because of the advanced technologies used in these machines, no dryer vents are required, nor any special dryer electrical outlets. The only connections needed are hot and cold water, a discharge drain, and a standard 110V outlet. There are options for converting the machine so it can be connected directly to your kitchen sink any time you want to do laundry.

You can learn more information about both stand-alone and all-in-one LG laundry appliances by visiting our website, or contacting us directly for further assistance.

Losing Tenants? Add Stackable Washer and Dryer Appliances

If you are noticing your tenants are not renewing their leases, you need to uncover the underlying causes for this situation. As your occupancy rate drops, so does the amount of revenues your apartment community earns. Over time, you could easily find yourself in a situation where you are not earning enough to keep up with maintenance and repairs. One common cause is a lack of certain amenities, like in-home laundry. Adding stackable washer and dryer appliances to your units might be exactly what you need.

There are solutions available for apartment complexes whether there are existing in-home laundry connections, or not, in each of your units. In units where you have existing connections, a stackable washer and dryer is one option. These appliances are designed to sit next to each other, or the dryer can be placed on top of the washer, creating more space in the in-home laundry area.

You do not have to worry about venting issues, either, since the dryers use ventless drying technologies. No more spending money to have dryer vents cleaned in your buildings, or paying higher insurance premiums because of the fire hazards associated with dryer vents. You can simply close of both ends of the vents, to keep animals out, and not worry about them again.

Should some of your units lack existing laundry connections, installing stacked laundry is not expensive. You can easily tap into existing hot and cold water lines and discharge drain lines. The only electrical connections required are access to an 110V three-prong standard outlet and a 220V special three- or four-prong dryer outlet.

Which LG Washer Is Best?

You have several options whenever you are looking for a new LG washer. There are both front loading and top loading models. Deciding which one is best depends on what features and options you require. There are also other benefits you gain with front loading machines, including:

  • Uses Less Water – Front loaders require less water than conventional and top loading models. A LG front loading washer only uses between 12 and 15 gallons per load, compared to the 30 gallons used by other front loaders and the 40 to 60 gallons used by top loading machines.
  • Gets Clothes Cleaner – Because of the tumbling action used by front loading washers, they get clothes cleaner. They also require less detergent, fabric softener and bleach per load and reduce the costs for these items.
  • Added Energy Savings – Since you are using less water, hot and warm cycles do not need as much water. This translates to additional energy savings on your hot water heating costs.
  • Stackable and All-in-One Models – LG has both energy efficient stackable and all-in-one washing machines for installing in just about any home, apartment or condominium, regardless of whether there are existing washer connections or a laundry room. All-in-one models are able to be converted into portable machines for home without existing laundry hook-ups. Once converted, the machine connects right to your kitchen sink and plugs into a standard household outlet.

To learn more about energy efficient LG front loading washing machines and all-in-one combination models, visit our website, or contact us directly.