Energy Efficient Stand-Alone and Combination LG Washers

You have different options when it comes to selecting new frontloading LG washers. Some people prefer a stand-alone model that they can set next to a dryer, or to stack the dryer on top of the washing machine. A compact model is very energy efficient to help save you money on your water bills and electric bills. Full wash cycles only require 9.3 gallons of water, compared to around 30 gallons for other frontloading models.

Another option is the innovative LG washer dryer combo. This type of machine is already popular in other areas of the world, like the United Kingdom, because it combines both washing and drying functions into a single, space-saving model. Other advantages with an all-in-one model are the energy-efficient benefits you experience. These models use half the water, electricity, and space as conventional laundry pairs.

A combination model is well suited for homes, apartment complexes, and condominiums with small laundry rooms, or those without any existing laundry connections. Because of the advanced technologies used in these machines, no dryer vents are required, nor any special dryer electrical outlets. The only connections needed are hot and cold water, a discharge drain, and a standard 110V outlet. There are options for converting the machine so it can be connected directly to your kitchen sink any time you want to do laundry.

You can learn more information about both stand-alone and all-in-one LG laundry appliances by visiting our website, or contacting us directly for further assistance.