Washer & Dryer Combos

“One and done!” That’s the great idea behind this innovative washer dryer combo. The LG all-in-one washer dryer combines optimal capacity with energy-saving efficiency to give you “more clean, less machine”! It’s the elegant high-tech solution for today’s busiest small homes. We offer several models of LG washer dryer combo, so you’re sure to find just the color, size, and style of that’s right for you.

The advantages of a washer and dryer in one are clear—they use half the water, energy, and space of a conventional washer and dryer. But the advantages also go beyond the obvious. Not only does this combination washer dryer “do it all,” it does so with a long list of ingenious special features. For example, the direct drive motor of the washer dryer combination makes for fewer parts and easier maintenance. The LoDecibel™ Quiet Operation keeps your small home from sounding like the inside of a Laundromat. In addition, LG SenseClean lets you customize wash cycles based on the size and weight of each load for high performance that’s also energy-efficient.

Best of all, this LG washer and dryer combo is engineered to work in homes that lack any access to a vent. Thanks to technology that eliminates the need for a vent, you can experience the convenience and quality of clean, fresh laundry even when space is short. No more weekends at the Laundromat with rolls of quarters! Save your time—and your money, too, because the LG all-in-one washer and dryer, which runs on 110v and is ventless – is great with energy conservation. All told, the LG washer dryer combo might just be the single best appliance you buy this year. Take advantage of our sale prices and order your model now.

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