Choosing the Correct Water Setting on an LG Washer

Selecting the right water temperature setting on your LG washer is important to ensure your clothes come out clean and stains are removed. You need to use the right temperature setting to remove some types of stains. Otherwise, the stains do not come out, and as the clothes dry, the heat sets the stain and makes it even more difficult, if not impossible to remove later.

Before loading your LG washer, take the time to sort your clothes into whites, lights, and darks. Heavier items, like jeans, hoodies, towels, and sweaters should be sorted into their own loads. In addition, sort dirtier clothing, like those with grease, dirt, and stains from less soiled clothing.

  1. Hot Water Setting: Use hot water to wash white clothes to keep them bright, as well as heavily soiled, greasy, or oily clothing. Hot water is also recommended for killing germs, like washing bedding whenever someone is sick with a cold or the flu.
  2. Warm Water Setting: Warm water is perfect for most loads of laundry and helps reduce wrinkling. Use this setting for non-delicates and light colored clothing that does not bleed.
  3. Cold Water Setting: Cold water should be used on delicates, wool, dark colors, and clothing that shrinks easily. Lightly soiled loads may also be washed in cold water. Use cold water to remove coffee, tea, blood, and red wine stains.

No matter which water setting you select, use cold water rinsing since it helps save on your energy bill. For more information about LG washer settings, or assistance in selecting a new LG washer and dryer for your home, call us at 800-875-1533 now.