Which LG Washer Is Best?

You have several options whenever you are looking for a new LG washer. There are both front loading and top loading models. Deciding which one is best depends on what features and options you require. There are also other benefits you gain with front loading machines, including:

  • Uses Less Water – Front loaders require less water than conventional and top loading models. A LG front loading washer only uses between 12 and 15 gallons per load, compared to the 30 gallons used by other front loaders and the 40 to 60 gallons used by top loading machines.
  • Gets Clothes Cleaner – Because of the tumbling action used by front loading washers, they get clothes cleaner. They also require less detergent, fabric softener and bleach per load and reduce the costs for these items.
  • Added Energy Savings – Since you are using less water, hot and warm cycles do not need as much water. This translates to additional energy savings on your hot water heating costs.
  • Stackable and All-in-One Models – LG has both energy efficient stackable and all-in-one washing machines for installing in just about any home, apartment or condominium, regardless of whether there are existing washer connections or a laundry room. All-in-one models are able to be converted into portable machines for home without existing laundry hook-ups. Once converted, the machine connects right to your kitchen sink and plugs into a standard household outlet.

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