Stop Outsourcing Laundry with a Washer and Dryer Combo

A washer and dryer combo is a viable solution for businesses currently outsourcing their laundry needs to a third party service. This simple and easy to use appliance does not take up much space in your business. It is the ideal solution for beauty salons, spas, day care centers, and doctors’ offices. All that is needed to install the compact washer and dryer is access to hot and cold water lines, a discharge drain, and a standard 3-prong electrical outlet. The appliance may also be converted into a portable washer dryer with a wheel kit and kitchen sink conversion kit.

Some of the places where businesses have installed a washer and dryer combo include bathrooms, utility rooms, kitchens, and storage closets. With a LG washer dryer combo, both washing and drying functions are performed in one compact appliance. You eliminate stacks of dirty towels, gowns, and other items sitting around your business. You also never have to worry about running out of clean items during busy periods, since you can start a load of laundry whenever necessary.

Not only is a LG washer dryer energy-efficient, it uses ventless drying technologies, removing the need to have a dryer vent installed at your place of business. To learn more about LG washer dryer combo models or assistance in selecting one for your business, contact us at 800-875-1533, and speak to one of our knowledgeable and friendly laundry technicians today.