Pros and Cons of Doing Your Own Commercial Laundry

In today’s heavily outsourced business services industries, it is not uncommon for businesses to outsource as many tasks and services as possible. However, outsourcing is not always the best or most cost-effective option for your business, so you need to weigh the pros and cons when making a decision. For some businesses, it can make more sense to purchase their own washer and dryer sets and do their own commercial laundry in-house, rather than using a commercial laundry service.

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  • Convenience – You do not have to wait for clean laundry to be dropped off and dirty laundry to be picked up. You can start loads whenever you want and always have clean uniforms, towels, and other items on hand. Plus, you are able to ensure your specific laundry needs are met, which can be a problem with commercial laundry services.
  • Speed – Commercial laundry services have turnaround times ranging from 24 to 48 hours or longer. By doing your own commercial laundry, you can have clean apparel in about 2 to 3 hours, depending on the cycle settings and soil levels.
  • Time – It is easy to fit in loads of laundry in between clients and customers. It only takes a few minutes to start a load and transfer loads, if needed, to the dryer. If you have multiple employees, folding loads also takes a few minutes if everyone pitches in and helps.
  • Affordability – You have complete control over your laundry costs. With a commercial laundry service, they may pick up and drop off daily, and bill you each time they do so, even if you only have a small amount of dirty laundry. With in-house laundry, you have the flexibility to do loads only when it is necessary.
  • Avoid Errors – Commercial laundry services are run by humans, and they do make mistakes from time to time, leading to you ending up with another business’s laundry, or your dirty laundry getting lost or misplaced. These issues are easy to avoid by washing your own commercial laundry at your business in your own machines.


There could be a few drawbacks to doing your own laundry over using a commercial laundry service. For instance, if you have large volumes of dirty laundry to do each day, and it would require a large number of washers and dryers, it might not be practical for you. Another potential con is if you lack the sufficient staff to help ensure laundry is being completed and kept up on.

In the end, you are the one who has to determine whether doing your own commercial laundry in-house or outsourcing it is best for your business. In cases where you only have a few loads to do each day, in the long run it can be worth the investment in modern, energy-efficient LG washer dryer combos, with ventless drying. To learn more about LG Washer Dryer sets or assistance in selecting the right sets for your business, contact FJS Distributors, Inc. now at 1-800-875-1533.

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How to Make the Most of Limited Living Spaces

With rental rates souring over the past year, and rates expected to increase even more in 2016, many people are looking to downsize into smaller homes. Downgrading into smaller living spaces requires learning how to make the most of what space you do have. In some places, like New York City, renters live in some of the smallest apartment homes, ranging in size from 78 square feet to 450 square feet. If you are considering downgrading into a smaller home to keep your rental rates from increasing, here are a few useful tips to maximize your smaller living space.

Find Multiple Purposes for Everything

Depending on the number of rooms in a small apartment, you should look at ways in which the rooms can be used for multiple purposes, rather than one. The kitchen is a great example, as most people only consider this room for cooking and eating, which is not the case when you do not have the square footage. You can convert a section of the under-counter space to make room for a compact washer dryer combo and also make the kitchen the laundry room.

With cabinets and closets, do not overlook the dead space on the back of doors. These areas are great for adding small shelves and increasing the amount of space you have to store food, clothes, cleaning products, and so on. To maximize space inside the cabinets, use pullout bins so it is easy to access anything you put toward the back. In addition, pullout bins give you various options for storing loose items, like putting silverware and utensils in cups, rather than placing them in a drawer, and thus freeing up the drawer to store something else.

Select Furnishings That Do Not Get in the Way

The idea of having furnishings cramped into a small apartment leaves little free space. The best thing to do in smaller homes is to use furnishings that can be easily stored away or out of sight when they are not required. In cases where your living room is also your bed room, a Murphy bed or sofa bed are perfect. Both provide somewhere to sleep, but are easy to put away to recover the space.

You could also look at a fold-down kitchen table mounted to the wall with foldable chairs. When you want to eat or sit around the table, it is easy to set up, but, when it is not in use, it is not taking up space. Basically, you will want to look at your walls and ask yourself how you can incorporate furniture against the wall, or into it, to fit more furniture into the tiny apartment.

By taking the time to look at the different ways you can utilizing living spaces and discover multiple purposes for them, you will be able to live comfortably in a smaller home and keep your rental rates down. To learn more about space-saving combination washer and dryers, please feel free to contact FJS Distributors, Inc. at 800-875-1533 and speak to a representative about compact LG Washer Dryers.

Tips for Managing Laundry over the Holidays

Doing laundry is not something that ranks high on our to-do list, especially during the holiday season. There are so many other things we want to do with our weekends and free time. We have to plan and prepare holiday meals, cookies, pies and other delectable goodies for holiday parties and events. We have to spend time decorating the home from top to bottom with our favorite holiday decorations. We have to fit time in to get all of our holiday shopping completed, whether we shop online or at our local stores and shopping centers. Once all the shopping is done, we have to take the time to wrap all of our gifts.

In between all the activities, events, cooking, baking, and shopping, at some point we have to find the time to do laundry. But laundry does not have to be that one chore you put off until you run out of clothes and are wearing stretchy pants that are two sizes too small and a baggy sweatshirt. Instead, it needs to be a chore you fit in with other holiday activities to keep on top of your dirty clothes and ensure you always have your favorite festive clothing clean.

Use the Delay Wash Cycle Feature

Most modern washers or combination washer dryers have a delay start feature. Use this feature to your advantage over the holidays. You can load the washer in the morning before going to work and have it start about an hour before you get home. Once you arrive home, the clothes will be ready to go into the dryer. Or, if you have a washer dryer combo, start the cycle about two and a half hours before you get home, and your clothes will be dry and ready to fold.

Sort Clothes Ahead of Time

Pick up three or four laundry baskets and use these to sort your dirty clothes each day. You could have a white baskets for whites, a dark colored basket for darks, and a light colored basket for lights. Once a basket gets full, do a load of laundry.

Premeasure Detergents and Laundry Products

Get some small canning jars with lids, premeasure your detergent and laundry products, and stack these in your laundry room. Instead of wasting your valuable time measuring these out each time you load the machine, you just open the jar and pour the detergent or laundry product into the right slot on the washer. This tip is also great if you have tweens and teens, and want them to help by starting a load of laundry. You do not have to worry about them using an excessive amount of detergent or other laundry products, since it is premeasured.

With these great tips, you will be able to fit laundry into your busy holiday schedules and still have plenty of time to do other things. If you are looking for new LG washer and LG dryer products for holiday gifts or to treat yourself this holiday season, please feel free to contact FJS Distributors, Inc. at 800-875-1533 today and speak to a representative.


Laundry Basics: Sorting Clothes

Sorting clothes before you do laundry is an essential step. There are various methods for sorting clothes, but the most commonly used one is to sort clothes by color. While it might be tempting to just toss all of your dirty clothes into LG washers, there are several reasons why you should take the time to sort your laundry. It allows you to use different wash temperatures and wash cycles, as well as certain laundry products, like bleach.

Sorting by color helps reduce the likelihood of a darker colored piece of clothing bleeding and that color being absorbed by a lightly colored article of clothing. For instance, reds are notorious for bleeding and turning whites a nice shade of pink, especially if washed on hot or warm water cycles. Rather than risk accidently dying your lightly colored clothing, take a few minutes to sort your loads, as follows:

  • Whites: Underwear, t-shirts, socks, and other sturdy white cottons fall into this group. Most people want to use bleach and hot water, especially to ensure their undergarments are clean.
  • Lights: Light colored clothing includes light blues, greens, beiges, and more. It is recommended to sort warm colors (i.e. various shades of oranges, reds, and yellows) from cool colors (i.e. greens, blues, and purples).
  • Darks: Dark shades in both warm and cool colors, as well as blacks fall into this group. You can sort them into warm and cool colors, but normally it is not necessary, since darks are typically washed on cold water cycles.

Besides sorting clothes by colors, there are four sub-groups for sorting certain articles of clothing: delicates, jeans, towels, and sheets. With each of these sub-groups, sort them by color, too. For instance, if you have both light and dark colored towels, separate them and do two different loads.

So far, sorting clothes sounds simple and easy. However, before you pat yourself on the back, there is something else you need to know when sorting clothes. After you have your piles all sorted, the next thing you have to do is sort each pile of dirty laundry by fabric weight. For example, if you have several pairs of heavier cotton shorts or pants and lighter shirts, you have to separate them. Otherwise, you run the risk of the heavier clothing damaging your lighter-weight apparel. If you are not sure how to sort a particular article of clothing, read the use and care tag, since it provides details on the recommended wash and dry cycles.

With today’s high efficiency washers, there is no reason to do smaller loads sorted by color and fabric weight. Front loading washers automatically detect the volume of laundry in the machine and adjust the water level to match. In addition, it will be easier on your dryer, since drying times are different for heavy and light weight fabrics. If you are shopping for new LG washers and dryers, call LG Washer Dryer FJS Distributors, Inc. now at 800-875-1533 to speak to a representative.

DIY Homemade Stain Removers

Getting stains out of clothing can seem like a headache, especially if you accidently washed the article of clothing in the wrong temperature water, or worse, set the stain by drying the clothing in a dryer. Fortunately, there are several inexpensive remedies you can try to help get rid of the unwanted stain and save your clothing, whether you notice it before or after running a load of laundry in your LG washer dryer combo.

  1. Direct Sunlight: The UV rays of the sun act as a natural bleaching agent. If the stain is on white or lightly colored clothing, place the clothing in a location where it gets direct sunlight. The process may take a couple of days, but eventually the sun will bleach the stain out.
  2. Hydrogen Peroxide and Dawn Dish Soap: Mix 1 cup hydrogen peroxide with ½ cup Dawn dish soap in a spray bottle. Use this mixture as a stain pre-treatment before laundering clothes. It can help remove food stains, grease, chocolate, blood, wine, and a host of other stains.
  3. White Vinegar and Baking Soda: For tough stains, apply white vinegar to the area to wet it, and then sprinkle baking soda over the stain. You can make a paste and use a toothbrush to gently brush the stain.

With all stain removers, even homemade ones, remember to test a small inconspicuous section of the clothing first. For more laundry ideas, or to learn more about combination washers and dryers, contact LG Washer Dryer now, at 800-875-1533.

Tips for Solving Common Laundry and Stain Problems

Dealing with laundry and stain problems is something everyone faces at one point or another, whether you use a stacked washer dryer or an LG washer dryer combo. Before you throw out clothing, there are several things you can try to restore your favorite items to their former condition.

  1. Grayish-Looking Whites: White fabrics can start to yellow or turn gray, even if washing them on the right temperature. Hang whites outside in the sun, or boil them in a large pot of water with cut up lemons to return them to a bright white.
  2. Undesired Shrinkage: If your favorite pair of jeans or top feels a little snug, chances are you washed and/or dried it on the wrong temperature. Take the piece of clothing, dampen it with water, and pull on it to try to restore it to its proper size.
  3. Dried-In Wrinkles: Clothes left in the drier too long tend to wrinkle. One effective way to remove wrinkles without having to rewash the load is dampen a medium sized towel, toss it into the dryer, and rerun the drying cycle or use the steam feature on your LG dryer.
  4. Ink, Blood, Wine, and Tomato Stains: Pretreat the piece of clothing with a stain booster and set it aside for a few hours before washing in cold water. Verify the stain is gone before drying the clothing, as heat sets the stain. If the stain is still present, hang the item in direct sunlight and allow the natural UV light of the sun to remove the stain.

To learn about other tips for resolving stain and laundry problems, or for assistance in selecting a new LG washer and LG dryer for your home, contact us at 800-875-1533.

The Best Washer and Dryer Combos of 2015

As the combination washer dryer grows in popularity in the United States, so does the number of appliances offered by various manufacturers. Some of the more popular manufacturers rated the best in 2015 for washer and dryer combo models used in the home were Whirlpool, GE, Maytag, and LG. While GE’s, Maytag’s, and Whirlpool’s “combination” machine is actually a stacked washer and dryer in one, the LG washer dryer combo is a single front loading appliance.

The key difference between LG’s washer and dryer in one and the other brands is there is no need to transfer clothes in between loads. The LG model washes and dries the clothes in the same appliance. With the stacked “combination” models, the clothes have to be transferred from the washer to the dryer.

When shopping for a new combination washer and dryer, pay careful attention to the following items:

  • Capacity: It is important to select a combination machine with the capacity to fit your needs, but in a size to fit in your home.
  • Drying Method: Ventless drying eliminates needing a dryer vent. While some brands do offer vented drying, you actually end up spending more in energy costs for vented drying. Ventless drying cycles run about 30 minutes longer, but use a fraction of the electricity.
  • Features: Front loading combination models use a fraction of water and electricity compared to top loading combination models. The best washer and dryer combo has multiple cycles for washing and drying clothes, just like conventional full size appliances.

To learn more about compact combination washers and dryers, contact LG at 800-875-1533 today.