Tips for Managing Laundry over the Holidays

Doing laundry is not something that ranks high on our to-do list, especially during the holiday season. There are so many other things we want to do with our weekends and free time. We have to plan and prepare holiday meals, cookies, pies and other delectable goodies for holiday parties and events. We have to spend time decorating the home from top to bottom with our favorite holiday decorations. We have to fit time in to get all of our holiday shopping completed, whether we shop online or at our local stores and shopping centers. Once all the shopping is done, we have to take the time to wrap all of our gifts.

In between all the activities, events, cooking, baking, and shopping, at some point we have to find the time to do laundry. But laundry does not have to be that one chore you put off until you run out of clothes and are wearing stretchy pants that are two sizes too small and a baggy sweatshirt. Instead, it needs to be a chore you fit in with other holiday activities to keep on top of your dirty clothes and ensure you always have your favorite festive clothing clean.

Use the Delay Wash Cycle Feature

Most modern washers or combination washer dryers have a delay start feature. Use this feature to your advantage over the holidays. You can load the washer in the morning before going to work and have it start about an hour before you get home. Once you arrive home, the clothes will be ready to go into the dryer. Or, if you have a washer dryer combo, start the cycle about two and a half hours before you get home, and your clothes will be dry and ready to fold.

Sort Clothes Ahead of Time

Pick up three or four laundry baskets and use these to sort your dirty clothes each day. You could have a white baskets for whites, a dark colored basket for darks, and a light colored basket for lights. Once a basket gets full, do a load of laundry.

Premeasure Detergents and Laundry Products

Get some small canning jars with lids, premeasure your detergent and laundry products, and stack these in your laundry room. Instead of wasting your valuable time measuring these out each time you load the machine, you just open the jar and pour the detergent or laundry product into the right slot on the washer. This tip is also great if you have tweens and teens, and want them to help by starting a load of laundry. You do not have to worry about them using an excessive amount of detergent or other laundry products, since it is premeasured.

With these great tips, you will be able to fit laundry into your busy holiday schedules and still have plenty of time to do other things. If you are looking for new LG washer and LG dryer products for holiday gifts or to treat yourself this holiday season, please feel free to contact FJS Distributors, Inc. at 800-875-1533 today and speak to a representative.


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