Tips for Solving Common Laundry and Stain Problems

Dealing with laundry and stain problems is something everyone faces at one point or another, whether you use a stacked washer dryer or an LG washer dryer combo. Before you throw out clothing, there are several things you can try to restore your favorite items to their former condition.

  1. Grayish-Looking Whites: White fabrics can start to yellow or turn gray, even if washing them on the right temperature. Hang whites outside in the sun, or boil them in a large pot of water with cut up lemons to return them to a bright white.
  2. Undesired Shrinkage: If your favorite pair of jeans or top feels a little snug, chances are you washed and/or dried it on the wrong temperature. Take the piece of clothing, dampen it with water, and pull on it to try to restore it to its proper size.
  3. Dried-In Wrinkles: Clothes left in the drier too long tend to wrinkle. One effective way to remove wrinkles without having to rewash the load is dampen a medium sized towel, toss it into the dryer, and rerun the drying cycle or use the steam feature on your LG dryer.
  4. Ink, Blood, Wine, and Tomato Stains: Pretreat the piece of clothing with a stain booster and set it aside for a few hours before washing in cold water. Verify the stain is gone before drying the clothing, as heat sets the stain. If the stain is still present, hang the item in direct sunlight and allow the natural UV light of the sun to remove the stain.

To learn about other tips for resolving stain and laundry problems, or for assistance in selecting a new LG washer and LG dryer for your home, contact us at 800-875-1533.

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