DIY Homemade Stain Removers

Getting stains out of clothing can seem like a headache, especially if you accidently washed the article of clothing in the wrong temperature water, or worse, set the stain by drying the clothing in a dryer. Fortunately, there are several inexpensive remedies you can try to help get rid of the unwanted stain and save your clothing, whether you notice it before or after running a load of laundry in your LG washer dryer combo.

  1. Direct Sunlight: The UV rays of the sun act as a natural bleaching agent. If the stain is on white or lightly colored clothing, place the clothing in a location where it gets direct sunlight. The process may take a couple of days, but eventually the sun will bleach the stain out.
  2. Hydrogen Peroxide and Dawn Dish Soap: Mix 1 cup hydrogen peroxide with ½ cup Dawn dish soap in a spray bottle. Use this mixture as a stain pre-treatment before laundering clothes. It can help remove food stains, grease, chocolate, blood, wine, and a host of other stains.
  3. White Vinegar and Baking Soda: For tough stains, apply white vinegar to the area to wet it, and then sprinkle baking soda over the stain. You can make a paste and use a toothbrush to gently brush the stain.

With all stain removers, even homemade ones, remember to test a small inconspicuous section of the clothing first. For more laundry ideas, or to learn more about combination washers and dryers, contact LG Washer Dryer now, at 800-875-1533.

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