Stop Spending Time at the Laundromat by Getting Your Own LG Washer Dryer Combo

If you live in an apartment without in-unit laundry, it can become tiresome making endless trips to the laundromat, or having to sit for hours in an onsite central laundry area. You might wonder who used the machines last, and what they washed in them. Some people use shared laundry for washing items they do not want to launder in their own machines, such as their pet’s bedding and blankets. Would you really want to wash and dry your clothes in a machine if you knew what the person before you washed and dried? Maybe not, and fortunately there is a space saving and compact solution with a combination LG washer dryer that allows you to do laundry at home, even when there are no existing connections.

How Does a Washer and Dryer Combo Work?

An all-in-one LG washer dryer model allows you to both wash and dry your clothes in the same machine. Thanks to modern advances in technology, the unit can be installed just about anywhere in your apartment, as long as there is access to a 3-prong 110 V standard outlet, hot and cold water lines, and a drain. The dryer function does not require a vent, because it uses cold water condensation ventless drying.

Most people who live in apartments or other rental properties add on the sink conversion kit and wheel kit to their combination washer dryer model. These kits allow them the ability to easily move the machine and roll it right up to their kitchen sink. This eliminates having to get permission to tap existing water and drain lines from their apartment manager or landlord, and makes it simple and easy to do laundry in the convenience of their homes.