Save Money on a New Washer and Dryer Combo with Year End Incentives

November and December are great times to find deals on a washer and dryer combo. Many manufacturers, like LG, offer a wide range of incentives at this time of year. By taking advantage of these limited time offers, you can save some money replacing your existing laundry pair, or purchase a new all-in-one washer dryer to gain the convenience of in-home laundry. Combination washers and dryers provide flexibility and ease of installation in any home, regardless of whether you have an existing laundry room or washer and dryer connections.

You can install a washer and dryer combo in just about any room in your home, such as your bathroom, kitchen, hallway closet, or basement. The only connections required are access to hot and cold water lines, a discharge drain line, and a standard 3-prong 110 volt electrical outlet. Modern combination washers and dryers use ventless drying technology, so there is no need for dryer venting. This key feature is well suited for any home looking for an in-home laundry solution currently lacking a dryer vent.

You can convert an all-in-one washer dryer into a portable machine if you are unable to make modifications to your home to tap existing water and drain lines, like for people renting an apartment or townhouse. The conversion kit allows you to do laundry easily by simply rolling the machine up to your kitchen sink, plugging it into an outlet, and turning on the water.

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