Cut Energy Bills with a New LG Washer and Dryer

If you are looking for ways to cut down on your water and energy bills, you should consider replacing your older conventional laundry pairs with new LG washer and dryer energy-efficient models. LG has options for side-by-side and stackable appliances, as well as a combination models.

LG Washer Energy-Efficient Features

Energy-efficient LG washer models require smaller amounts of water to get your clothes clean and dry. This is especially helpful for those cycles where you use warm or hot water. Because of the reduction in water, your hot water heater runs less often. As a result, your energy costs for operating the hot water heater are also decreased.

LG Dryer Energy-Efficient Features

Another energy-saving feature is the amount of electricity used per drying cycle. Conventional vented dryers use more electricity to fully dry your clothes. For each cycle, traditional dryers have to heat the air before passing it into the drum. Once the air leaves the drum, it is vented outdoors rather than being recycled and reused. Further, these models have higher maintenance costs, since you have to have your vents cleaned and inspected on a regular basis.

LG dryer models use ventless drying. This technology recycles the heated air until your clothes are fully dry, using either cold water condensation drying or air-to-air condensation drying. There are no vents to clean and maintain, so these costs are also eliminated.

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