An Easy In-Home Laundry Solution: A Portable Washing Machine

If you desire the ability to wash and dry clothes at home, but for whatever reasons do not have existing laundry connections and are tired of making weekly trips to the laundromat, there is the easy solution of purchasing a combination washer dryer and converting it into a portable washing machine. Once converted, the washer-and-dryer-in-one is on wheels for easy movement and connects directly to a kitchen sink faucet any time you want to do laundry. There is no special dryer cord or venting required, and the appliance is operated using a standard 110 volt household outlet.

What Is the Difference between a Portable Washing Machine and Washer/Dryer Combo?

A traditional portable washing machine is only capable of washing clothes. You still need a stand-alone dryer, and have to hang the clothes outside to dry or take them to a laundromat to use one of their dryers. With a LG washer/dryer combo, both the washing and drying functions are combined into a single space-saving compact appliance. The combination washer/dryer is stored out of the way in a closet or in any open space in your kitchen next to your counters.

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Upgrade from a Portable Washing Machine to a Washer Dryer Combo

There are several small portable washing machine models on the market today. They range in size from small table top models to slightly larger models able to do between 6 and 7 pounds of laundry. The small load sizes present challenges for most people because they end up having to wash numerous loads of clothes. Now, consider a compact combination washer and dryer capable of accommodating about 12 pounds of clothes per load. This means, with a portable washer, you end up having to run 4 or 5 loads, compared to only 2 in an all-in-one washer dryer.

Another challenge people face with many portable washing machine models is only being able to wash their clothes, so having to either hang up clothes up to dry or purchase a stand-alone portable dryer. With a washer dryer combo, both washing and drying cycles are completed in the same machine. The compact LG washer dryer combo is only 24 inches wide and provides 2.3 cubic feet of washing and drying space inside the machine. You can convert the compact washer dryer into a portable machine by adding a wheel kit and kitchen sink conversion kit.

The LG washer dryer combo includes many features found on full size washers and dryers, as well as ventless drying. To learn more about compact combination washer and dryer models from LG and how to convert them into a portable machine, contact us today at 800-875-1533.

Is a Portable Washing Machine Right for You?

A portable washing machine is the ideal solution for people looking for an in-home laundry solution when there are no existing washer and dryer connections in your apartment, condo, or home. It is important to distinguish between the different models and options on the market today. Some models only provide washing functions, so you still require a drying solution. Other models, like the LG all-in-one washer and dryer, include both washing and ventless drying into a single portable appliance.

How Does a LG Portable Washing Machine Work?

A LG portable washing machine functions just like other front loading washers and dryers. The key difference is how you connect the water intake and discharge lines. Instead of connecting these to actual washer connections in a laundry room, they are connected to a kitchen sink conversion kit. The conversion kit includes connections for both the intake and discharge lines into a single piece, which conveniently attaches to most kitchen sink faucets. Once connected to the faucet, you turn the water on and select the desired water temperature. In cases where you are using either hot or warm water for the wash cycle, you do need to adjust the faucet to cold water for the rinse cycles. After the wash cycle is complete, the machine automatically starts the drying cycle.

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The Difference between Ventless Dryer Technologies

Until recently the options for compact washer and dryer solutions for the small home or business were limited. However, thanks to advances in technology, this is no longer the case. Today’s solutions include portable combination machines and compact laundry pairs. You have two general options to choose from with a ventless dryer for your home, apartment, or business.

Ventless Drying Compared to Vented Drying

If your home or business does not currently have a dryer vent, getting one installed is a major construction cost. Not to mention, there are specific regulations and building codes which have to be followed. Further, you have to make sure the vents are cleaned on a regular basis, because lint buildup is considered a fire hazard. A ventless dryer eliminates all of these hassles because there is no vent required. In addition, ventless drying is much more energy-efficient and uses less electricity than conventional drying.   

Drying Technologies Used in Ventless Dryer Models

One option is found in stand-alone compact dryer models and is referred to as Air-to-Air Condensation Drying. This method incorporates two different air circulation systems within the dryer in order to heat and cool the air. In one chamber the heated air is released into the drum where it removes moisture from the clothes. After the air transfers out of the drum, it is cooled with cold air so water is released from the air and is pumped down a discharge drain.

The other option is normally found in combination washer and dryer models and is called Cold Water Condensation Drying. The dryer uses the same cold water connection line as the washer, so no additional water hook-up is needed. As the heated air leaves the drum, it is cooled by the cold water to remove moisture from the air before it is reheated and returned to the drum to dry the clothes.

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What Is a Portable Washing Machine?

A portable washing machine is an all-in-one washer dryer combination appliance designed to wash and dry your clothes in a single appliance. It is considered a portable model when it is on wheels and can be rolled around the floor. It also has a sink conversion kit connected to the water intake and discharge hoses. Rather than being installed to traditional washer dryer connections, it is connected to a kitchen faucet.

A portable washer machine does not require a dryer vent for the drying cycle. Instead, it uses colder water condensation ventless drying technologies to get your clothes dry. You do not have to worry about a special dryer electric cord. The all-in-one combination appliance has a standard 3-prong cord and plugs into any household 110V 3-prong outlet.

What Types of Faucets Work Best?

Faucets which have separate hot and cold water knobs work best, because the machine is able to regulate the water based on the temperatures and cycles selected. However, if you have a single lever for controlling both hot and cold water — a standard type of kitchen faucet — you can still connect the portable washer dryer, but have to remember to do a few extra things to help with water temperature regulation, as follows:

  • For hot and warm water cycles, turn the faucet on and let the water come up to the preferred temperature before connecting the washer dryer to the sink.
  • After wash cycles are complete, you have to turn the lever to cold water for the rinse and drying cycles.

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What Is a Portable Washing Machine?

What Is a Portable Washing Machine?

A portable washing machine is where a compact ventless washer dryer combo, like the LG WM3455HW, is converted from a stand-alone model into one which has wheels on it. Besides wheels, the appliance requires a kitchen conversion with specific hoses and adapters. Once it has been properly attached and installed, you are able to roll your washer right up to your kitchen sink and use the kitchen faucet for the hot and cold water. The washer pumps all discharge water right down the kitchen sink.

Since the portable washing machine includes a ventless dryer, no drying vents are required. However, you do have to switch to cold water for the dry cycle, because the dryer uses water condensation drying. This types of drying heats the air so the water in the clothes is turned into water vapor and moved out of the drum to another area of the machine. In this area, cold water cools the water vapor and turns it back into water. This process repeats numerous times during the drying cycle, with all water that is removed from the clothing being pumped out of the appliance and down the kitchen sink.

There is no assembly of the conversion kit required when you order it at the same time as your LG WM3455HW. All hoses and adapters are preinstalled before the model is shipped to your home or business. You will have to replace the standard legs on the bottom of the appliance with the wheels after you unpack it. The legs are left on for shipping purposes because it keeps the unit more stable and secure.

Buy an LG Portable Washing Machine and Stop Spending Weekends at the Laundromat

Buy an LG Portable Washing Machine and Stop Spending Weekends at the Laundromat

If you have a home without any washer and dryer hookups, doing laundry often involves making a trip to a laundromat. You have to schedule and block out several hours of your weekend in order to get all of your laundry done. Further, you might have to take along your children while you do laundry. Your kids probably become quickly bored and could make it even more difficult to complete this chore. However, you have another option that eliminates ever having to visit another laundromat. You can purchase an LG all-in-one washer and dryer combo unit and have it converted into a portable washing machine.

An LG portable washing machine consists of either model WM-3455HW or WM-3455HS, and adding a portable conversion kit. The kit includes all of the hoses, adapters and wheels required to allow you to connect your combo unit directly to your kitchen sink. Your combination LG washer and dryer is ventless, so it does not require a dryer vent. Whenever you need to do a load of laundry, you simply roll your unit up to your kitchen sink, attach the adapter, turn on the water, and plug the machine into any standard 120 V outlet. From there, you select your wash and drying cycles, add your clothes, detergent, and fabric softener, and press start. Because the unit is self-contained, you do not have to worry about moving clothes once the wash cycle completes, and you are free to spend time with your children or anything else you want to do.