The Difference between Ventless Dryer Technologies

Until recently the options for compact washer and dryer solutions for the small home or business were limited. However, thanks to advances in technology, this is no longer the case. Today’s solutions include portable combination machines and compact laundry pairs. You have two general options to choose from with a ventless dryer for your home, apartment, or business.

Ventless Drying Compared to Vented Drying

If your home or business does not currently have a dryer vent, getting one installed is a major construction cost. Not to mention, there are specific regulations and building codes which have to be followed. Further, you have to make sure the vents are cleaned on a regular basis, because lint buildup is considered a fire hazard. A ventless dryer eliminates all of these hassles because there is no vent required. In addition, ventless drying is much more energy-efficient and uses less electricity than conventional drying.   

Drying Technologies Used in Ventless Dryer Models

One option is found in stand-alone compact dryer models and is referred to as Air-to-Air Condensation Drying. This method incorporates two different air circulation systems within the dryer in order to heat and cool the air. In one chamber the heated air is released into the drum where it removes moisture from the clothes. After the air transfers out of the drum, it is cooled with cold air so water is released from the air and is pumped down a discharge drain.

The other option is normally found in combination washer and dryer models and is called Cold Water Condensation Drying. The dryer uses the same cold water connection line as the washer, so no additional water hook-up is needed. As the heated air leaves the drum, it is cooled by the cold water to remove moisture from the air before it is reheated and returned to the drum to dry the clothes.

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