An Easy In-Home Laundry Solution: A Portable Washing Machine

If you desire the ability to wash and dry clothes at home, but for whatever reasons do not have existing laundry connections and are tired of making weekly trips to the laundromat, there is the easy solution of purchasing a combination washer dryer and converting it into a portable washing machine. Once converted, the washer-and-dryer-in-one is on wheels for easy movement and connects directly to a kitchen sink faucet any time you want to do laundry. There is no special dryer cord or venting required, and the appliance is operated using a standard 110 volt household outlet.

What Is the Difference between a Portable Washing Machine and Washer/Dryer Combo?

A traditional portable washing machine is only capable of washing clothes. You still need a stand-alone dryer, and have to hang the clothes outside to dry or take them to a laundromat to use one of their dryers. With a LG washer/dryer combo, both the washing and drying functions are combined into a single space-saving compact appliance. The combination washer/dryer is stored out of the way in a closet or in any open space in your kitchen next to your counters.

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