Upgrade from a Portable Washing Machine to a Washer Dryer Combo

There are several small portable washing machine models on the market today. They range in size from small table top models to slightly larger models able to do between 6 and 7 pounds of laundry. The small load sizes present challenges for most people because they end up having to wash numerous loads of clothes. Now, consider a compact combination washer and dryer capable of accommodating about 12 pounds of clothes per load. This means, with a portable washer, you end up having to run 4 or 5 loads, compared to only 2 in an all-in-one washer dryer.

Another challenge people face with many portable washing machine models is only being able to wash their clothes, so having to either hang up clothes up to dry or purchase a stand-alone portable dryer. With a washer dryer combo, both washing and drying cycles are completed in the same machine. The compact LG washer dryer combo is only 24 inches wide and provides 2.3 cubic feet of washing and drying space inside the machine. You can convert the compact washer dryer into a portable machine by adding a wheel kit and kitchen sink conversion kit.

The LG washer dryer combo includes many features found on full size washers and dryers, as well as ventless drying. To learn more about compact combination washer and dryer models from LG and how to convert them into a portable machine, contact us today at 800-875-1533.