Things to Know Before Purchasing Washer and Dryer Sets

If it has been more than five years since you purchased your last washer and dryer set, there are few things you should know before shopping for a new one. There have been changes in technologies over the past five years that have been incorporated into laundry appliances. These new features make doing laundry easier and help save energy.

Improved Energy Efficiency: New washers are more efficient than machines that are five or ten years old. They use less water, detergent, bleach, and fabric softener. The machines have been improved, with a wide array of wash cycles to get clothes cleaner. In addition, they are better are extracting water during the spin cycles, too, so drying times are reduced, cutting your electricity costs. The only noticeable drawback is increased wash times.

Ventless Dryers: While there are not HE (High Efficiency) dryers available right now, they are currently in development, with some manufacturers expected to release models later this year. A viable alternative to waiting for HE dryer models is to look at ventless dryers. Ventless dryers eliminate the need for a dryer vent and use water condensation removal technologies to dry clothes. Ventless dryers are more energy efficient than conventional vented dryers. Even though drying cycles are longer, they still use less electricity than vented dryers.

Bigger Washers: Some washer models have gotten bigger and have increased capacities. The main benefit is doing fewer loads of laundry. Keep in mind, you still need to match the washer’s capacity to the dryer’s. It makes no sense to purchase an extra-large capacity washer if the dryer is not at least that same capacity. Otherwise, you will not be able to dry the entire load, and you will need to run multiple dry cycles.

Combination Washers and Dryers: If space is a problem in your home, some manufacturers, like LG, offer combination washer and dryer models. These machines allow you to wash and dry a load of clothes in the same machine. Instead of needing space for two standalone appliances, you only require room for one. However, since both washing and drying cycles are completed in the same machine, doing a single load of laundry can take several hours.

Stackable and Compact Washers and Dryers: In the past, stacked washers and dryers meant space savings, but required purchasing an all-in-one appliance. That is no longer the case, and there are standalone compact washers and dryers with options for stacking them. There are even compact ventless dryers to choose from, in cases where access to a dryer vent is not possible.

With all the recent changes in washers and dryers, you have a wide range of options, models, and styles to shop among. One suggestion is to check out reviews of those models you like the best, such as stackable washer dryer reviews, if you are considering standalone stacked appliances. For further assistance selecting a new washer and dryer for your home, contact LG Washer Dryer FJS Distributors today at 800-875-1533.


Spend Time with Residents for Better Results and Retention Rates

Spend Time with Residents for Better Results and Retention Rates
Being promoted to the manager of a rental community or becoming the new management company is exciting. While it may seem tempting to jump in and start fixing things you notice are wrong, it could be a waste of resources and money. You might be addressing problems the residents are not really concerned with or have any interest in. During your first month, your time is better spent talking to the current residents.
Your residents will tell you exactly what they like and dislike about the rental community, their apartment homes, and other vital information. Addressing every single resident’s needs is often not possible. However, identifying the most common ones allows you to satisfy a larger a group of residents and budget your resources much more effectively. In addition, it helps your prioritize what projects to undertake first.
For example, one of the biggest complaints in older rental communities is the lack of in-unit laundry or washer dryer connections. Residents either have to haul their laundry to the local laundromat or lug it down to a shared onsite laundry room. Not everyone likes having to spend a good portion of their day off sitting in a laundromat or laundry room doing laundry. If this happens to one of the most common concerns of your residents, it can be easily remedied by installing LG washer dryer combo sets.
A washer and dryer in one combines both washing and drying functions into a single appliance. You do not have to worry about having to budget money to run dryer vents from each of your rental units. Today’s modern compact washer and dryer combos use ventless drying technologies. Best of all, there are no special dryer cords or 220V outlets necessary. An all-in-one washer and dryer plugs right into any standard 3-prong 110V outlet in your apartment homes.
In addition, LG models are able to be converted into portable washing machines and dryers, in homes where there are no existing washer dryer connections or when you do not want to tap into existing electrical, water, and sewage lines. Portable all-in-one laundry appliances are on wheels. All your residents have to do is roll the machine up to their kitchen sink and connect the adapter to the faucet whenever they need to do laundry.
It is a well-known fact, apartment and rental communities offering in-home laundry have much higher retention rates and satisfied residents. So, if not having in-unit laundry is one of the major complaints by your residents, it is worth your time to make it a priority project. In the long run, you will have happy renters, and the washer dryer combos pay for themselves, since you are able to increase rental rates on units with in-home laundry. To learn more about combination washers and dryers available from LG for your apartment homes, contact FJS Distributors now at 800-875-1533. 

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Selecting the Right Furnishings for Your Laundromat

One of the biggest challenges for laundromat owners is choosing the right furnishings to go with their washer and dryer sets. In the past, hard plastics in bright colors were the standard in laundry décor. The main purpose of laundromat furniture was to be functional, so colors really did not matter much. From laundry tables to chairs and end tables, hard plastics stood up to the wear and tear placed upon them by patrons. Some laundromats even invested in fiberglass furnishings because of their durability.

Today, brightly colored furnishings made from hard plastics and fiberglass are no longer your only options. Many laundromat owners are discovering furnishings made from laminates. Laminates offer a wider range of color and texture choices. For instance, there are laminate laundry tables with a marbled finished to give the appearance of marble. They are also sturdy and tough enough to withstand the repeated wear and tear placed upon them by your customers.

Having a wider range of colors and textures has resulted in laundromat owners having more freedom with interior designs. This has allowed laundromat owners the ability to distinguish their business from that of their competitors. Some even hire professional designers to help redesign the laundromat in currently trending styles and colors. However, using a professional decorator will not be worth the investment if you do not use high quality furnishings.

While it might be tempting to furnish your laundromat with cheaper chairs and tables found at home improvement stores or furniture outlets, these mass-marketed products are not designed for commercial use. If you go this route, you can expect to replace tables, chairs, and other furniture pieces every three to six months. In the long run, you will end up spending more money on your furnishings than by investing into higher quality products, specifically designed for laundromats.

Redesigning your laundromat can be fun and rewarding for both you and your customers. It does not hurt to get input from your customers before you start a major project. The feedback they provide is very useful in ensuring you are selecting the right color schemes and furnishings. Ignoring your customers and simply deciding what you want is never a good idea. In addition, customer feedback is beneficial in identifying other customer wants and needs, such as vending machines, semi-private work spaces, and a children’s play area.

Just keep in mind, if you raise the bar—so to speak—with a new interior design or by adding new amenities, your customers are going to expect a higher level of customer service. The payoffs for redesigning the décor of your laundromat are worth your time. When your customers feel comfortable and relaxed while they are washing clothes, they are more likely to return on a regular basis, as well as to refer other people to your laundromat.

Feel free to call FJS Distributors at 800-875-1533 to learn more about our commercial and multifamily laundry solutions and our LG Washer Dryers.


Does Offering Washer and Dryer Combos to Renters Matter?

How do you respond to prospective tenants who ask you whether there are any washer and dryer connections in your rental units, or available machines? Rental communities that offer in-unit access to a washer and dryer in one or stand-alone appliances are able to charge an addition 5% to 10% more in monthly rent.  For older communities, not having connections or an in-unit laundry could result in losing rental prospects.

Overcoming this problem is not difficult. Older rental communities have a few different options to keep their tenants happy while, at the same time, to attract new ones. The first option is to add an onsite laundry room to your community. However, this can be costly, since you have to run multiple water lines, venting, electrical wiring, and so on. In addition, depending upon the size of the community, you may be faced with having to build numerous laundry rooms for the entire property.

The other option is to purchase combination washer dryer sets for each of your units. A combo washer and dryer is a compact appliance that can easily be installed under the counter in the kitchen, in a hallway closet, or even in the bathroom. The connections needed are access to hot and cold water lines, a discharge drain, and a standard 3-prong outlet. In cases where you do not want to tap existing lines, you can convert the appliance into a portable washer dryer where it connects directly to the kitchen sink.

To learn more about LG washer and dryer combo appliances for your rental community, contact us now at 800-875-1533.

Secrets to Making Your Laundromat a Success

Going into the laundry business can be rewarding and successful, so long as you think about your customers and their needs. Simply renting a space, purchasing and installing LG washer dryer systems, and opening the doors is not enough. Taking a minimalistic approach will not bode well for you. In the long run, you will be scratching your head wondering what went wrong and why your business is having problems. Take the time to consider the following, as these tips can help keep customers returning to your business:

  1. Offer free wireless internet service. Most laundromats already have wired internet service for the business, so it only makes sense to install a router and wireless box, and offer your customers access to free, secured Wi-Fi while they do laundry.
  2. Offer free amenities. The costs to provide customers with free water, coffee, or tea while they wash and dry clothes are minimal, and customers appreciate it.
  3. Install semi-private workstations. Set up a few small semi-private workstations for your customers who like to work while they do laundry.
  4. Adjust your laundromat to your clients. If the majority of your clients are families with children, consider sectioning off part of the laundromat as a play area. If you largely deal with college students, add a game room with video games and a pool table or two.

Catering to your customers’ needs is essential in order to make your laundromat a success. Feel free to give us call at 800-875-1533 if you need assistance choosing laundry systems for your business or if you want other tips.

Teach Your Customers to Correctly Operate Washer and Dryer Sets

If you take the time to teach your customers how to correctly operate washer and dryer sets at your coin-op laundry business, it helps prevent undesired breakdowns, repairs, and excessive maintenance on your machines. Helping people also builds a business relationship with your clients because it tells them you care about your customers and want to help. In addition, happy customers are free advertising for your business. They will recommend your laundromat to their friends, coworkers, and relatives.

The first step to teaching is to instruct your employees on proper machine operation and encourage them to interact regularly with your customers. All the attendant has to do is ask customers, as they are wiping out machines and walking around the laundromat, whether they have any questions about how to use the washer or dryer or need help. If a customer says they need help, then the attendant can spend time with them teaching them various techniques and sharing useful laundry tips.

If the customer declines the offer for help, the attendant should still evaluate whether the person is doing laundry correctly. If they notice the customer is overloading a machine with clothes, they could simply point out the clothes will not get clean, and suggest using a larger capacity machine. Taking time out to help customers goes a long way to ensuring they return to your laundromat the next time they need to do laundry. For additional ideas or suggestions, or help finding laundry sets for your business, feel free to call us at 800-875-1533.

The Difference between Combination and Stacked Washer Dryer Systems

There can be some general confusion whenever you are shopping for a combination washer dryer, as this term is sometimes used to also refer to all-in-one stacked washer dryer systems. There is a big difference between the two appliances. A stacked system is where the washer is on the bottom section of the appliance and the dryer is on the upper section of the appliance. They are two separate systems contained within the same appliance.

A washer dryer combo, on the other hand, is a single, self-contained appliance, where both the washing and drying functions are completed within the same part of the machine. There is no need to transfer the wet clothes to the dryer, because the same unit which washes the clothes also dries them. Once the washing cycle is done, the drying cycle automatically starts.

A washer dryer combo is perfect for people who tend to forget about wet clothes in the washer and sometimes leave them overnight or longer. Any time wet clothes are left sitting in a damp washer, they start to smell due to mold and mildew forming on the clothing. The only way to remove this smell is to clean the washer drum by running a hot water cycle with bleach, without any clothing, and then to rewash the entire load of clothes.

Fortunately, with a LG washer dryer combo, if you accidently forget to take your clothes out of the machine, the only problem you’ll have is that of slightly wrinkled dry clothes. To learn more about combo washers and dryers, or for expert advice on selecting the right model for your home or business, contact us today at 800-875-1533.