The Difference between Combination and Stacked Washer Dryer Systems

There can be some general confusion whenever you are shopping for a combination washer dryer, as this term is sometimes used to also refer to all-in-one stacked washer dryer systems. There is a big difference between the two appliances. A stacked system is where the washer is on the bottom section of the appliance and the dryer is on the upper section of the appliance. They are two separate systems contained within the same appliance.

A washer dryer combo, on the other hand, is a single, self-contained appliance, where both the washing and drying functions are completed within the same part of the machine. There is no need to transfer the wet clothes to the dryer, because the same unit which washes the clothes also dries them. Once the washing cycle is done, the drying cycle automatically starts.

A washer dryer combo is perfect for people who tend to forget about wet clothes in the washer and sometimes leave them overnight or longer. Any time wet clothes are left sitting in a damp washer, they start to smell due to mold and mildew forming on the clothing. The only way to remove this smell is to clean the washer drum by running a hot water cycle with bleach, without any clothing, and then to rewash the entire load of clothes.

Fortunately, with a LG washer dryer combo, if you accidently forget to take your clothes out of the machine, the only problem you’ll have is that of slightly wrinkled dry clothes. To learn more about combo washers and dryers, or for expert advice on selecting the right model for your home or business, contact us today at 800-875-1533.

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