Secrets to Making Your Laundromat a Success

Going into the laundry business can be rewarding and successful, so long as you think about your customers and their needs. Simply renting a space, purchasing and installing LG washer dryer systems, and opening the doors is not enough. Taking a minimalistic approach will not bode well for you. In the long run, you will be scratching your head wondering what went wrong and why your business is having problems. Take the time to consider the following, as these tips can help keep customers returning to your business:

  1. Offer free wireless internet service. Most laundromats already have wired internet service for the business, so it only makes sense to install a router and wireless box, and offer your customers access to free, secured Wi-Fi while they do laundry.
  2. Offer free amenities. The costs to provide customers with free water, coffee, or tea while they wash and dry clothes are minimal, and customers appreciate it.
  3. Install semi-private workstations. Set up a few small semi-private workstations for your customers who like to work while they do laundry.
  4. Adjust your laundromat to your clients. If the majority of your clients are families with children, consider sectioning off part of the laundromat as a play area. If you largely deal with college students, add a game room with video games and a pool table or two.

Catering to your customers’ needs is essential in order to make your laundromat a success. Feel free to give us call at 800-875-1533 if you need assistance choosing laundry systems for your business or if you want other tips.

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