Selecting the Right Furnishings for Your Laundromat

One of the biggest challenges for laundromat owners is choosing the right furnishings to go with their washer and dryer sets. In the past, hard plastics in bright colors were the standard in laundry décor. The main purpose of laundromat furniture was to be functional, so colors really did not matter much. From laundry tables to chairs and end tables, hard plastics stood up to the wear and tear placed upon them by patrons. Some laundromats even invested in fiberglass furnishings because of their durability.

Today, brightly colored furnishings made from hard plastics and fiberglass are no longer your only options. Many laundromat owners are discovering furnishings made from laminates. Laminates offer a wider range of color and texture choices. For instance, there are laminate laundry tables with a marbled finished to give the appearance of marble. They are also sturdy and tough enough to withstand the repeated wear and tear placed upon them by your customers.

Having a wider range of colors and textures has resulted in laundromat owners having more freedom with interior designs. This has allowed laundromat owners the ability to distinguish their business from that of their competitors. Some even hire professional designers to help redesign the laundromat in currently trending styles and colors. However, using a professional decorator will not be worth the investment if you do not use high quality furnishings.

While it might be tempting to furnish your laundromat with cheaper chairs and tables found at home improvement stores or furniture outlets, these mass-marketed products are not designed for commercial use. If you go this route, you can expect to replace tables, chairs, and other furniture pieces every three to six months. In the long run, you will end up spending more money on your furnishings than by investing into higher quality products, specifically designed for laundromats.

Redesigning your laundromat can be fun and rewarding for both you and your customers. It does not hurt to get input from your customers before you start a major project. The feedback they provide is very useful in ensuring you are selecting the right color schemes and furnishings. Ignoring your customers and simply deciding what you want is never a good idea. In addition, customer feedback is beneficial in identifying other customer wants and needs, such as vending machines, semi-private work spaces, and a children’s play area.

Just keep in mind, if you raise the bar—so to speak—with a new interior design or by adding new amenities, your customers are going to expect a higher level of customer service. The payoffs for redesigning the décor of your laundromat are worth your time. When your customers feel comfortable and relaxed while they are washing clothes, they are more likely to return on a regular basis, as well as to refer other people to your laundromat.

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