Does Offering Washer and Dryer Combos to Renters Matter?

How do you respond to prospective tenants who ask you whether there are any washer and dryer connections in your rental units, or available machines? Rental communities that offer in-unit access to a washer and dryer in one or stand-alone appliances are able to charge an addition 5% to 10% more in monthly rent.  For older communities, not having connections or an in-unit laundry could result in losing rental prospects.

Overcoming this problem is not difficult. Older rental communities have a few different options to keep their tenants happy while, at the same time, to attract new ones. The first option is to add an onsite laundry room to your community. However, this can be costly, since you have to run multiple water lines, venting, electrical wiring, and so on. In addition, depending upon the size of the community, you may be faced with having to build numerous laundry rooms for the entire property.

The other option is to purchase combination washer dryer sets for each of your units. A combo washer and dryer is a compact appliance that can easily be installed under the counter in the kitchen, in a hallway closet, or even in the bathroom. The connections needed are access to hot and cold water lines, a discharge drain, and a standard 3-prong outlet. In cases where you do not want to tap existing lines, you can convert the appliance into a portable washer dryer where it connects directly to the kitchen sink.

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