How to Get the Whitest Whites with LG Washers

Over time, you may start to notice your white clothing, towels, sheets, and other items are starting to turn a dingy gray or even have yellowish tints to them. Before you run out and replace these items with new ones, there are several useful tips and tricks for getting the whitest whites with LG washers. Part of the cause of the discoloration of the whites could be due to the type of laundry detergent you are currently using. You should have a high-efficiency detergent with stain lifting or brightening additives.

After obtaining or confirming you have the right detergent, you will also need high efficiency bleach and a stain booster product. You do not need to use a large amount of bleach, just a small amount, to help improve the brightening effects of the laundry detergent and stain booster product. Put the whites into the LG washer and select the “Sanitary” wash cycle. Add the right amount of detergent, stain booster, and some bleach, and start the wash cycle.

After the wash cycle is completed, dry the clothes in your LG dryer on medium heat. Once dry, look at the clothing or other whites. If they still appear discolored, you can place them in a location within the home where direct sunlight comes in, or hang them outside on a laundry line if you have one. Direct sunlight helps remove stubborn discolorations, because it slowly and gradually removes colors.

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