How Does a Ventless LG Dryer Dry Clothes?

LG offers two different dryer options for ventless drying. One option is found with their combination washer and dryer models. This single appliance not only dries your clothes using a condensing drying system, but also washes them. Drying cycles utilize cold water condensation technology by first using heat to draw moisture from the clothing, while recycling the hot air back into the drum. During this process, the moisture that is removed is cooled with cold water in a condenser so it turns back into water. The water is then drained through the same discharge hose used for the washing cycle to remove water from the appliance. This process repeats itself until your clothes are dried.

The other method used to dry clothes using a ventless LG dryer is air to air condensation drying. This method is typically found in both side-by-side and stackable stand-alone models. Drying cycles rely upon two different air circulation systems. One is for drying the clothes, while the other is for cooling heated air and releasing moisture by turning it back into water. The two air circulation systems are separate so the heated air and the cooled air never actually mix together. Rather, the heated air is recycled back through the drum to continue to remove moisture, and then cycled through a heat exchanger or condenser. At the same time, cooler air is drawn in from the room and cycled through a different section of the condenser. As the air is cooled in the condenser, it turns into water, where it is removed from the dryer by pumping it out of the appliance down a discharge drain.