No Vent Required with Ventless LG Dryer Models

One reason some people make regular trips to their local laundromat is because their home, apartment, or condo does not have any dryer vents. There are specific building codes which must be followed any time dryer vents are installed. These codes outline the maximum length of dryer vents, bends, and other such details. The costs to have dryer vents properly installed and certified can be rather expensive. As a result, people and landlords forego pursuing having vents and vented dryers installed. However, thanks to recent advances in technology over the past few years, dryer vents are no longer a concern, with ventless LG dryer models.

What Is a Ventless LG Dryer?

A ventless LG dryer is a clothes dryer which operates on electricity and does not require a dryer vent. Ventless drying solutions are not offered as a gas option, because gas drying has to be vented. There are two basic types of ventless dryers on the market today. One option is a stand-alone ventless dryer, and the other option is a combination washer and ventless dryer. The key difference between the two options is whether you prefer two laundry appliances, or want a single laundry appliance. In addition, with a stand-alone ventless dryer, you do require a special dryer electrical outlet and dryer cord. However, with the combination washer dryer option, you only need access to a common 3-prong 110-volt household outlet.

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