Top Loader Washers vs. Front Loader Washers

It’s a debate raging in household laundry rooms across the country – top loader washing machines vs. front loader washing machines. Partisans of both types of laundry machines are surprisingly passionate about their washing machine of choice, and discussions about each can become quite heated. The debates concerning device type are often even more intense than those regarding brand quality like LG washers vs. Maytag, or Whirlpool vs. Samsung.

The truth is that each device has its pros and cons, and some will fit certain lifestyles and households better than others. When making that fateful choice between top loading and front loading washing machines, consider these facts:

  • Many front loading washing machines allow their users to add steam to the wash cycle to help remove stains. For households with soccer uniforms and baseball leggings to wash, this feature can be a great help.
  • Front loading washing machines are stackable, making them helpful in homes where space is at a premium.
  • Front loading washing machines use less water than top loaders, making them more energy efficient. As inflation rises and wages remain stagnant, families need every option they can get for cutting costs, including monthly power bills.
  • Because of the advanced technology incorporated into their design, front loading washing machines are often much more expensive than top loading machines. This may be a big drawback for young consumers or first time home buyers seeking a washing machine.
  • Top loading washing machines don’t require users to bend to put clothes in and take them out. This is a helpful feature for older users or those with back or hip problems.
  • Water can get trapped inside of front loading washers, causing a musty smell to develop.
  • Wash cycles for top loaders are not as adjustable as those for front loading devices.
  • Front loading washing machines have a faster spin cycle. This wrings more moisture out of clothes and will often result in a shorter time needed in the dryer.
  • Top loading washers are easier to fix and maintain than the more technologically complicated front loading washers.

When front loading washing machines hit the market a few years ago, they quickly blazed a trail toward sales dominance, but that momentum has faded in recent years as top loaders have remained highly cost competitive. Technology enthusiasts are passionate about the front loaders, however, giving them a strong reservoir of goodwill from which to draw.

Consumers have a lot of variables to consider when purchasing either a front loading or top loading washing machine. Smart consumers will consider their needs and their lifestyle, and also research specific brands of washers before settling on a choice.

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