Tips for Saving Money on Laundry

When it comes to doing laundry, most people do not even consider exactly how much per load they are paying. This common household chore is not normally looked at like other household expenses, such as food and clothing. There is more to laundry costs beyond laundry detergent and fabric sheets. Hundreds of dollars, or more, is spent each year on water and electricity, as well as the costs for laundry appliance repairs and maintenance. With a few minor changes, you can reduce your laundry expenses.

Saving Money
  1. Upgrade to a Ventless dryer. Vented dryers are a big electricity waster. In order to dry clothes, they draw air in, heat it, and then discard all of that warm air out the dryer vent. With ventless drying technologies, the heated air is recycled, resulting in a reduction in electricity use.
  2. Upgrade to an HE (high efficiency) washer. If your washer is ten years or older, consider replacing it with a new Energy StarĀ® HE washer. HE washers use significantly less water and get your clothes just as clean as conventional washers. Plus, many HE washers offer more cycle options to fit with your laundry needs and help save some money on electricity.
  3. Cut down on the amount of detergent used. Most people believe using more detergent gets clothes cleaner, but this is not true. Adding extra detergent prevents the water from removing stains and dirt from clothing.
  4. Adjust water levels to match load sizes. Most HE washers will do this for you automatically by sensing the weight or level of the load in the machine. If you have a top loader with a water level option, change it to match the amount of clothes in the machine. You only need the water level to be at the top of the clothing.
  5. Wash more loads using cold water cycles. Hot and warm water cycles are not needed for the majority of laundry loads. By switching to cold water cycles, you will save money.
  6. Use less fabric softener. Whether you use dryer sheets or liquid fabric softener, a small amount goes a long way. Cut dryer sheets in half or thirds, and, with liquids, a quarter of a capful is plenty. Your clothes will still come out soft. One tip to know you are using too much fabric softener is if your clothing feels stiff.
  7. Hang clothes up to dry. If you are able to hang some of your clothing up to dry, either indoors or outdoors at least part of the time, you will not have to use your dryer as much, and you will reduce your energy costs.

For additional laundry tips and ways to save money, or to learn more about the latest Energy StarĀ® HE washers and energy-efficient ventless dryers on the market today, call FJS Distributors, Inc. at 800-875-1533. We are a factory authorized distributor of LG and other washer and dryer brands.

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