Tip for Ironing Your Clothes Like a Pro

For most people, ironing is the lease favorite laundry-related chore. Sure, it can seem like it is already time consuming enough to wash and dry clothes, and then fold them and put them away. However, when you have unwanted wrinkles in your clothes, you are going to have to make extra time to get wrinkles out of the clothes.

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Ironing involves using a bit more skill and the right temperature settings. Ironing requires precision and using the right methods for different types of materials and colors. With these tips, you will be ironing like a pro and getting through this chore much faster.

  1. Use the damp dry setting on your LG dryer for delicate clothing. It is easy to avoid unwanted wrinkles with delicates by not fully drying them in the dryer. Remove them when they are still slightly damp, and use your hands to smooth out any wrinkles, before hanging them on a hanger and allowing them to air dry.
  2. Cut ironing time in half by using aluminum foil. Take a sheet of aluminum foil and lay it in between the garment and the ironing board. The aluminum foil reflects heat back, upwards, and helps remove wrinkles from the underside of the clothing while you are ironing the top.
  3. Turn dark- and black-colored clothing inside out. Dark- and black-colored clothing can get an undesirable sheen if ironed without turning them inside out. For areas where you cannot avoid ironing the normal side of the clothing, place a slightly damp cotton towel in between the iron and the clothing.
  4. Use distilled water in the iron. Using tap water can result in deposits forming inside the iron, and these will eventually clog up the openings in the iron. If you run out of distilled water, boil a pot of water, allow it to cool, and strain it through a strainer. This will help remove most of the deposits from tap water.
  5. Iron in a back and forth motion. You want to iron using back and forth motions, and while keeping the iron straight. Circular motions can cause the fabric to stretch out and wear out faster.
  6. Protect embroidery and designs that do not need to be ironed. Place a towel on the ironing board, and then place the clothing face down and iron it from the back side.
  7. Iron clothing in the right order. Clothing should be ironed in a particular order to ensure wrinkles are removed. Start with the cuffs first, then move on to hems and collars, before ironing the main areas of the clothes. If there are pockets on the clothing, do those after the collar.
  8. Use cardboard to separate areas being ironed. If you want to keep the front and back of the clothes separate while you iron them, slide a piece of cardboard in between.

Remember to have plenty of hangers on hand while you iron, so you can hang up ironed clothing right away. Otherwise, wrinkles could return, and you will have to iron the clothing again. For more laundry tips or assistance in selecting a new LG Washer Dryer, please feel free to contact FJS Distributors, Inc. today at 1-800-875-1533.

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