Make Your Space Count with Innovative Laundry Machines

As housing prices and rents rise, home space is getting more expensive. Making each square foot of your purchased home or rental count can help you get more out of your space and increase your enjoyment of your residence. Stackable washing machines and combination washer dryers make use of the vertical space that often gets unused, freeing up space for other uses.

Stackable washing machines are devices that have a washing machine on the bottom and a dryer up top. Stackables can incorporate front or top loading washers. The key benefit of stackable washing machines is that they save horizontal space, allowing the laundry area to be small enough to fit into a closet or alcove. For empty-nesters or single homeowners with minimal laundry needs, the stackable may be a great solution.

If you’re building a new home, it may be worthwhile to incorporate a stackable washer/dryer into your design. The smaller space needed for laundry will allow you to use square footage that would have been taken up by your washer and dryer for other purposes, like a larger bathroom or more space elsewhere. If you’re considering using a stackable, it may be worthwhile to purchase one that includes a front-loading washer, as these washing machines use significantly less water than a top-loading washer.

The most common varieties of stackable washing machine/dryer combos are either 27 or 24 inches wide. The 24-inch model will fit in most closets. Stackable washer-dryers will need a 220-volt power outlet, and you may need to have an electrician install this outlet in your home. Stackables may not have all of the features available on conventional washers and dryers because of the concessions product designers must make to keep these devices compact.

If a stackable washer/dryer isn’t for you, a combination washer dryer may be a better solution. Combination washer/dryers are single machines that do the job of both a washer and dryer. Because there’s only one machine, homeowners and renters save space by using a combo. These washer/dryers also use less electricity and water than conventional washers and dryers. Another key benefit of a combination washer and dryer is that it is easier on clothes because of the horizontal axis drum incorporated into its design. This design is far gentler than conventional washing machines.

With the average price per square foot for a home hovering between $104 and $130, saving space where you can makes sense. Saving space and upgrading to more energy-efficient laundry machines can help you get greater value from your home and have a positive impact on the environment. Consumers interested in stackables or combos should research brands offered by reputable vendors.

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