Teach Your Kids to Do Laundry in Your LG Washer and Dryer

For those of you with tweens and teens, it is worth your time to teach your kids how to do laundry. Not only will this be a beneficial skill for them to have when they head off to college or leave home, but it also helps you now by reducing the amount of laundry you have to wash each week. While some parents are reluctant to allow their kids to do all of the laundry, letting them wash and dry their own clothes in your LG washer and dryer means you have more free time on your hands. You no longer have to spend hours picking up their clothes off of the floor and washing and drying numerous loads of laundry.

There are several essential steps your kids need to learn to successfully wash and dry their own clothes, including:

  • Learning how to sort clothing
  • Measuring the correct amount of detergent and other laundry aids
  • Selecting the right settings on the LG washer and dryer

Many of the settings on your washer and dryer are preset, and the machines might remember any changes you made to the settings. You should assist your kids for about the first month they start doing laundry on their own. One useful tip parents follow is making a step-by-step instruction sheet and hanging it up in the laundry room for their tweens and teens to reference any time they are washing and drying clothes.

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Using Laundry Products with a LG Washer and Dryer

Most households use their LG washer and dryer to do all of their laundry, even delicates, because of the wide cycle selections available on modern laundry pairs. Front loading washers are better at removing dirt from clothing using smaller amounts of high efficiency detergent and other laundry products. For heavier soiled laundry, using an excessive amount of detergent, bleach, and stain removers above the maximum recommended amount does not provide any additional washing benefits. Instead, it can cause over-sudsing and leave a soapy residue, both inside the washer and in your clothing.

What Type of Fabric Softener Is Best for a LG Washer and Dryer?

When choosing a fabric softener to use with your LG washer and dryer, you have several different options, ranging from liquids to dryer sheets. If you use a liquid, choose a brand designed for high efficiency (HE) washers. Never use regular formulated fabric softener in a HE washer, because it leaves a residue in your clothes and in your washer. If you decide to use dryer sheets, only use one sheet for each load of clothes. Dryer sheets do create a residue over long-term continued usage inside the dryer, so you will want to make sure to clean your dryer on a regular basis to prevent this build-up.

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LG Washer and Dryer Models Influence How You Do Laundry

Deciding the best way to run loads of laundry depends upon which models of LG washer and dryer appliances you are considering. Stackables and side by sides are similar to conventional laundry pairs. You can run one load of clothes in the washer while another is drying in the dryer. However, unlike conventional pairs, these modern appliances include energy saving features designed to cut down on water usage, laundry detergent, fabric softener, bleach, and electricity.

You also have to option to install the appliances next to one another or add on a stacking kit where the dryer is installed on top of the washer. If you do not like bending over to access the machines, but do not want to stack them, another option to raise them slightly off the floor is to install them on optional pedestals.

Your other option for LG washer and dryer appliances are all-in-one combination washers and dryers. These models combine both the washing and drying functions into a single, space-saving appliance. Typical cycle times average around two and a half hours for both washing and drying. If you select a LG combo model, you may need to adjust your laundry habits and do a load of laundry every day, rather than attempt to do all of your laundry at once. Combination LG washer dryers also include energy-saving features.

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Install LG Washer Dryer Combos in Your ADA Apartment Units

Install LG Washer Dryer Combos in Your ADA Apartment Units

Managing older apartment complexes involves ensuring your residences, common areas and other locations meet and satisfy ADA rules and regulations. Since many of these buildings were built prior to the current regulations and requirements, it can be costly to make central and shared laundry facilities handicap accessible. Further, if you fail to satisfy necessary and reasonable accommodations for physically challenged tenants, you could be looking at costly lawsuits and fines. 

A less costly approach to providing access to laundry for your physically challenged tenants is installing LG washer dryer combination units in the necessary apartments. A combination model is a front-loading appliance, so it satisfies the requirements for wheel-chair bound people. You also do not have to be concerned about the costs associated with installing dryer venting because this appliance uses ventless dryer technology to dry clothes. The only type of connection required is access to hot and cold water lines and a discharge drain. The combo unit operates off of a regular 120V outlet plug, so there is no need to worry about special wiring, either. 

Not only will your tenants be happy they are able to do laundry in their own unit using a LG washer dryer combo, but they are also more likely to renew their lease, which increases your retention rates. Additionally, you do not have to worry about spending a fortune to upgrade central and shared laundry facilities. Further, in-unit laundry allows you to charge more for rent, increases your marketability to attract new residents, and adds to your overall property value.

Complete Washing and Drying in a Single Appliance with a LG Combination Washer and Ventless Dryer

Complete Washing and Drying in a Single Appliance with a LG Combination Washer and Ventless Dryer

For a long time, your only options for in-home laundry were to purchase a separate washer and dryer. However, that is no longer the case. Combination units, which have been popular in Europe for numerous years, are now available in the United States. A combination unit incorporates both the washer and dryer into a single space-saving appliance. Further, these models eliminate needing access to a dryer vent, because they use ventless dryer technology.

When looking at a combination washer and dryer, like those available from LG, you need to remember these models do operate slightly differently from traditional laundry pairs. Because you are incorporating both washing and drying cycles in a single appliance, the complete cycle time is longer. This does require you to adjust your laundry habits, from attempting to do all of your laundry in a single day, to doing a load or two several days throughout the week.

Even though it takes slightly longer to do a load of laundry, you are provided with energy efficient features, like requiring less water to wash clothes and less electricity to dry the clothes. A combination LG washer and ventless dryer uses between 12 and 15 gallons of water, compared to 30 for a conventional front loading washer and the 40 to 60 gallons a top-loading washer uses per cycle. In addition, the drying cycle only requires 1.4 kilowatts of electricity per hour, as compared to the 5 or 6 kilowatts needed by a traditional dryer.