LG Washer and Dryer Models Influence How You Do Laundry

Deciding the best way to run loads of laundry depends upon which models of LG washer and dryer appliances you are considering. Stackables and side by sides are similar to conventional laundry pairs. You can run one load of clothes in the washer while another is drying in the dryer. However, unlike conventional pairs, these modern appliances include energy saving features designed to cut down on water usage, laundry detergent, fabric softener, bleach, and electricity.

You also have to option to install the appliances next to one another or add on a stacking kit where the dryer is installed on top of the washer. If you do not like bending over to access the machines, but do not want to stack them, another option to raise them slightly off the floor is to install them on optional pedestals.

Your other option for LG washer and dryer appliances are all-in-one combination washers and dryers. These models combine both the washing and drying functions into a single, space-saving appliance. Typical cycle times average around two and a half hours for both washing and drying. If you select a LG combo model, you may need to adjust your laundry habits and do a load of laundry every day, rather than attempt to do all of your laundry at once. Combination LG washer dryers also include energy-saving features.

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