Increase resident retention, property value and marketability

Next to location, in-unit laundry is the most demanded feature in apartments today. Ask any leasing agent how many prospects hang up when told they would have to use shared laundry facilities. In today’s soft market every lost prospect equals lost money. Apartments with in-unit laundry command higher rents ($40-$100+) with lower turnover than comparable apartments with shared laundry. In-unit laundry also increases rent roles, attracts a better clientele and significantly increases your properties capitalization rate.

No Vent

This means no ductwork, no fire rated vent chase, no finish work inside the apartment, no new holes in the building envelope, no make up air requirements, no fans, and greatly simplified design and construction.

Lower Water Discharge Rate

Our machines have a water discharge rate that is less than a dishwasher and can easily be connected to existing plumbing lines without creating plumbing problems. Conventional top-load washers dump over 13 gallons of water at a 16 gallon per minute discharge rate. Our high efficiency front-loaders discharge 5 gallons of water at a 6 gallon per minute rate.

Compact Size

Space is money in multi-family housing. All of our machines are UL approved for under the counter installation. This means a kitchen or bathroom installation is very feasible. They all fit inside 24” closets and can easily be raised on platforms while still providing the laundry capacity to keep your residents happy.

Low Maintenance and Operating Costs

According to the multi-family laundry association’s study (see above), residents will tend to wash more loads with in-unit equipment. However, front-loading washers that use less than half the water of conventional washers, while maintaining capacity. Consequently your water bills will stay the same or even decrease while your rent rises dramatically. These washers also use a fraction of the soap, so there is less impact on older plumbing.