Situations Where a Stacked Washer Dryer Solution Is Beneficial

A stacked washer dryer solution is beneficial in different situations. For instance, some apartment homes have existing laundry connections, but small laundry areas are not able to accommodate side-by-side washers and dryers. In this situation, as long as there is plenty of height in the laundry area, you can easily stack the dryer on top of the washer. Another common issue in apartment homes is not having sufficient depth in the laundry area for certain sized machines. By stacking the machines and turning them, so they are side facing sideways instead of forward, it is possible to remedy this problem.

When you want to increase space in your laundry room for other items, you should consider a stacked washer dryer solution. You may have a large laundry room where there is plenty of space to set the machines side by side. However, by stacking them, you free up space where you could install a laundry table, a laundry sink, a small freezer which does not fit in your kitchen, or storage cabinets.  

In order to stack a dryer on top of a washer, you require a stacking kit. The dryer also requires a few simple modifications, like removing the adjustable feet from the bottom of the appliance. Additionally, you might have to obtain a longer dryer vent if your dryer is not a ventless model, and a longer dryer electrical cord.

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