How to Select and Purchase New LG Washers

You need to consider the features, sizes, and other factors when purchasing new LG washers. The first step is to sit down and write down a list of your laundry habits. The next step is to consider the size and capacity of the machines. Lastly, look at the features, like energy efficiency, number of cycles, temperature settings and ease of using the controls. Take the time to ask yourself the following questions to help narrow down your selections and choose the right model:

  1. How often do you do laundry? If you have a family and find you are running laundry daily, or spending several hours on the weekends, a stackable or side-by-side solution may be best. Single people and couples without children might find a combination model more suited to their needs.
  2. Where do you plan on installing the washer? If you already have an existing laundry room, you have more freedom in selecting between several models. On the other hand, if you do not, you may want to consider a combination portable model that can be connected directly to your kitchen sink.
  3. Are there any special handicap or accessibility needs you to need to consider? Front load washers provide easier access and usability if you or someone in your family is wheelchair bound.

Capacities have to do with the volume of clothes you are able to wash in a single load. Having a large capacity LG washer does no good if your dryer is a smaller capacity. It is better to try to match the capacities of both appliances. Sizes refer to the amount of space the washer takes up. If space is an issue in your home, or if you are renting in an apartment, you should look at compact and stackable models, since they take up less space.

Many LG models have energy-efficiency features so they use less water, electricity, and detergent to complete wash cycles and controls which are easy to program and use. You are also able to select from multiple water temperature settings. In addition, you have access to a wide variety of cycles, including permanent press, cotton/normal, large/bulky, baby wear, delicates, sanitary and hand wash.