Save Space in Your Home with Compact LG Washers and Dryers

When you are looking for space-saving appliances to use in your home, you should consider compact LG washers and dryers. These appliances provide the ease and convenience of front-loading machines, with many energy saving features. With stand-alone models, you have several options for the placement in your home. You could set them side by side on the floor, or raise them off the floor by attaching optional pedestals. Another option is to stack them, by placing the dryer on top of the washer and securing it in place with a stacking kit. Just remember, you are unable to use pedestals if you are stacking your appliances. 

The only types of connections required for LG washers are access to hot and cold water lines and a discharge drain. The washer uses a regular three-pronged outlet for power. The stand-alone dryer does require access to the larger three or four-pronged outlet and the matching dryer cord. However, no dryer vent is required or needed, because it uses ventless drying technologies to remove water from your clothes and fully dry them. 

In the event you do not have laundry connections in your home, apartment, or condo, you might want to consider an all-in-one appliance, instead of two separate appliances. An all-in-one can be converted into a portable model by adding a wheel kit and sink faucet kit. The sink faucet kit makes it possible to connect your washer directly to your kitchen faucet and use the kitchen drain for the discharge water. The dryer also incorporates ventless drying technologies. In addition, the combination appliance operates using a standard three-prong plug.