Use a Portable Washing Machine When You Do Not Have Room for Conventional Units

portable washing machine is designed to be used in places where traditional washer hook-ups are not available. The all in one combo can be converted to work with a kitchen faucet, instead of a standard washer hook-up (hot and cold water, and a drain). This portable kit includes all hoses, adapters and wheels and we convert the machine for you. The all-in-one unit, where the unit not only washes your clothes, but also dries the clothes, using ventless dryer technology. There is no dryer vent required, because the unit uses a condenser and cold water as part of the drying cycle. The portable unit can be rolled away from sink, when not being used and will fit into a closet, utility room or other small area.  

A Portable Washing Machine Is Ideal for Homes without Laundry Connections 

There are benefits for considering a portable washing machine in place of conventional washers and dryers. For example, if your home was not built with a laundry room with a dryer vent and washer connections, you have to spend money to add these for convention units. This could involve tearing down walls, running new plumbing, adding new electrical outlets and other related expenses. However, with a portable machine, you do not have to pay to remodel your home in order to be able to do laundry. All that is needed is a kitchen sink conversion kit, a wheel kit and the portable unit.