Maximize Limited Square Footage with a Compact Washer and Dryer

Optimizing limited square footage in your home to include access to in-home laundry is easier to manage by installing compact washer and dryer models. These models are single unit appliances which combine the washing and drying functions in one machine. Since you only have to worry about finding space in your home for one appliance, it gives you greater flexibility where it can be installed in the home. A combination washer dryer does not require a dryer vent, since it uses ventless drying technologies to dry the clothes. The only connections required for installation are access to a standard 3-prong 110 V outlet, hot and cold water, and a discharge drain.

You have the option of tapping existing water and drain lines, if your home does not already have existing washer connections, or of converting the compact washer and dryer into a portable unit with a wheel kit and kitchen sink conversion kit. If you decide to tap water and drain lines, consider installing the combination washer dryer in an area in the home where these lines are easily accessible, such as in the kitchen or in one of your bathrooms. You are able to install the compact appliance under the countertop in either location by removing existing under counter cabinets, to maximize the limited space in your home.

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