Which LG Dryer Model Is Best for Your Home?

One question home owners and renters face on a regular basis is deciding which LG dryer model would be the best one to use. Well, it depends, as each person’s laundry needs has to be evaluated based several factors.

  1. Is there an existing laundry room with a dry outlet? If so, you have a bit more flexibility in choosing the best dryer for your home. You could select a stand-alone ventless LG dryer. Another option if you are purchasing or replacing both a washer and a dryer is a combination washer dryer.
  2. How much space is available? If you have a limited amount of space and want a stand-alone dryer, it can be stacked on top of a compatible LG washer model. If there are height restrictions, an all-in-one washer dryer is a better choice.
  3. Can you remodel the home? If you are able to remodel your home, you have several options where you could install a new dryer. Renters who cannot remodel their homes will want to look at converting a washer dryer combo into a portable appliance.
  4. Is dryer venting an obstacle or a concern? Installing dryer vents is a major remodeling task. Dryer vents are also fire hazards, and provide easy access for small animals and pests to get inside your home. A ventless dryer is the best solution to these issues.

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