How to Find Accurate Stackable Washer and Dryer Reviews

It is important to remember some stackable washer and dryer reviews left by other people may not always be accurate. For example, someone receives poor customer service or has their order delayed, and when the new laundry pairs are delivered, they are damaged. Because of their bad customer service experience, they might give a negative review about the brand of machines they purchased, even though this has nothing to do with how the laundry pair operates and performs.

In another case, there may be new technologies on the machines which a person is unfamiliar with, so since they do not fully understand how they function, they write negative stackable washer and dryer reviews. Many modern LG models use ventless drying technologies. This feature is different from the conventional drying most people are used to in their dryers. Ventless drying tends to take slightly longer, depending upon the size of the load, but use less electricity to dry clothes than a conventional model.

By educating yourself about these new technologies and how they function, you can learn how to read in between the lines when looking at reviews left by other people. In addition, do not be afraid to ask questions of your laundry supplier if you cannot find answers online. They are familiar with all the brands they carry and how each one operates. Lastly, while it is possible to find accurate customer reviews, you should also look for reviews created by companies and organizations that test the machines, to round out your research.