Do-It-Yourself Washer-and-Dryer-in-One Installation

Installing a washer-and-dryer-in-one is not difficult for most people to do whenever they lack existing laundry connections in their home. The skill level required depends on whether you want to install the combination washer-dryer in a fixed location, or use it as a portable washing machine and dryer. The easiest method is to convert the all-in-one washer-dryer into a portable machine, since there are no plumbing and drain lines to tap.

The types of tools you will need to install a washer-dryer combo could include:

  • Level
  • Tape Measure
  • Pipe Cutter
  • Water Line Splitting Kit
  • Hot and Cold Water Connections with Shut Off Valves
  • Drain Pipe Tapping Kit
  • Drill
  • Hammer
  • Saw

We recommend you select an installation location near water and drain lines for the least amount of work, like your kitchen or bathroom. The washer-and-dryer-in-one is designed to fit nicely underneath your existing countertop.

Once you have selected the location to install the combination washer-dryer, start by tapping water and drain lines under the sink. This is the easiest location to tap these lines, since you do not have to cut into drywall or try to determine where the builder ran the lines within your home. Next, drill holes in the back of the cabinets, large enough to run the water hoses and drain hose from the machine to your newly tapped lines.

Connect the hoses to the tapped lines, make sure they are tight, and turn on the water to check for leaks. Now run the electrical cord to a 3-prong 110V outlet. You may want to slide the machine under the counter if you need more cord length to reach the outlet. Verify the machine is level, and you are ready to start washing and drying clothes.

Feel free to contact us at 800-875-1533 to learn more about combination washers and dryers or to order one for your home today.