Discover the Benefits of Modern Stacked Washer Dryer Sets

A stacked washer dryer eliminates having to bend over and reach deep into the washing machine normally found with top loading models. Stacked machines provide easy front loading and unloading access. You simply transfer your laundered load of clothes from the washer on the bottom to the dryer on top. You also do not have to worry about socks and small apparel items getting trapped under the agitator, making it difficult to get these out.

Other benefits of modern stacked washer dryer sets are energy-efficient features to save money on water and electric bills, and ventless drying technologies. Because the machines use a fraction of the water and electricity, you can launder more loads of laundry for the same amount you currently are paying just to do a few loads.

Why Is Ventless Drying Better in a Stacked Washer and Dryer?

Ventless drying does not require a dryer vent connection. Vented drying is a big energy waster because vented machines have to constantly draw in fresh air, heat it, and then release all that heated air right down the vent and outside. With a ventless model, the heated air is recycled inside the machine until the clothes are dried. Since the air is already warm, it requires less electricity to bring it back up to the proper drying temperature. In addition, as moisture is removed, it is converted into water, which is pumped right down the discharge drain.

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