Differences in a Washer Dryer Combo

A washer dryer combo is slightly different from traditional laundry pairs. One benefit is the amount of space you end up saving in your home. Instead of having to have two separate appliances, both functions are combined into a single unit. With the extra space in your laundry room, you could set up a laundry table to fold and iron your clothes.

You can also install the unit in other areas of the home if you do not have a laundry room. For example, many people install the washer dryer combo under their counter in their kitchen, much like their dishwasher, so it is out of the way. It is possible to do this because the appliance plugs into a standard outlet and only requires connections to the hot and cold water line and a discharge drain. No dryer vent is necessary, since the combo unit uses ventless drying technology.

Operating the all-in-one combo is also different from traditional laundry pairs, as both washing and drying functions are completed in a single appliance. This has an impact on the amount of time needed to complete a load of laundry. The normal combined wash and dry cycle time ranges from 2 ½ to 3 hours per load, which is not much different from the amount of time it takes to do a load using conventional laundry. Because both cycles complete in the same appliance, you have to adjust your laundry habits, rather than attempting to do all of your laundry in the same day.