How to Correctly Match Washer and Dryer Sets

Any time you are shopping for new washer and dryer sets, you need to make sure you correctly match laundry pairs. Both washers and dryers have maximum capacities. Where many people go wrong is purchasing an extra-large capacity washer and not matching the dryer to it. For instance, if the washer’s capacity is 25 pounds of clothes, but the dyer’s capacity is only 16 pounds of clothes, it is a waste of money. For every 25 pounds of clothes washed, you end up having to split them to accommodate the dryer and to run two drying cycles. It makes more sense to ensure that the capacity of the washer and the dryer match each other. It is okay if the dryer is slightly larger than the washer, like if you find a dryer with a capacity for 18 pounds of clothing, and a washer with a capacity for 16 pounds of clothing.

In addition to matching the laundry capacities with washer and dryer sets, you need to look at washer models that extract the most water. Washers with higher rpm speeds are better than those with lower rpm speeds. The faster the washer spins during spin cycles, the more water is removed, and the less time and energy is needed to fully dry the clothes. Washers with rpm speeds of at least 1,000 are ideal. Just remember, if you are looking at a large or extra-large capacity washer, the rpm speed should be higher, to accommodate the additional weight of the clothing.