Is a Combination Washer Dryer Right for You?

Selecting new laundry appliances for your home or business depends largely on your laundry habits and volume of laundry. Modern laundry appliances include options for compact laundry pairs, large capacity machines, stackable washers and dryers, and combination washer dryer models. The following questions will assist you in the decision process:

  1. Can you run a load laundry several times a week? Instead of attempting to do all of your laundry on a single day, if you can break this up over multiple days, then a combination washer dryer is a good choice, since both washing and drying functions are performed in the same appliance.
  2. Do you have existing washer and dryer connections? If your home or business does not have washer and dryer connections, a washer dryer combo provides a bit more flexibility because it can be converted into a portable machine and does not require a dryer vent or special dryer electrical outlet.
  3. How much room do you have available in your home or business to install a washer and dryer? Space considerations are important, because you need to make sure there is sufficient space, whether you choose individual laundry appliances or an all-in-one solution. If you have limited space, either a stackable washer and dryer or combination machine would work.

Other considerations to help you choose the best laundry solution for your home are to look at the energy saving features on the appliances and whether they feature ventless drying technologies.

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