Get Clothes Cleaner with a Combination Washer Dryer

The tumbling action of a front loading combination washer and dryer gets clothes cleaner, compared to top loading laundry models. The circular spinning motion lifts the clothes up and out of the water hundreds of times during the wash cycle. Front loaders are also gentler on your apparel because they do not have to work as hard to get your clothes cleaner. Further, the washer has built in technology to determine the right amount of water to use for each and every cycle based upon the weight of the clothes, unlike top loaders where you have to adjust levels to find the right one every single load. 

Because the washer automatically senses the correct amount of water to use, there is a 50 percent reduction in water usage per cycle, compared to other comparable front loaders, and up to 75 percent reduction over top loaders. Your hot water heater also does not have to use as much energy to heat water for warm and hot cycles, thanks to the reduction in water.

The ventless drying features on a combination washer and dryer make it possible to install the unit just about anywhere in your home. All that is required to do a load a laundry are connections to hot and cold water, a water drain and a standard 3-prong household outlet. If you lack a laundry room in your home, it is not a problem, because there are conversion kits available to make the model completely portable, so you can wash clothes by connecting it directly to a faucet and using the sink for the drain.