How to Build an Effective Multifamily Rental Business Profile

The market for rental homes is very competitive. Whether you are managing an apartment complex or helping clients rent out their condominiums, duplexes, or single family homes, one thing is for certain – you need a strong and effective rental business profile online. There are several different rental review websites, as well as other consumer-driven review sites, like Yelp.

Since there is a variety of online sites, the first thing you need to do is to pick at least one rental review website and at least one consumer-driven review site to build your profile on. Each site will require you to register your apartment community or rental business in order to claim and build a business profile.

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Depending on the website, there are several key areas you need to focus on to create an effective online profile. In addition, avoid using text-speak and abbreviations in your online profiles when you describe your business. Specific information and details you should complete when building your profile include:

NAP (Name, Address, Phone) – Make sure your business name is spelled correctly. Carefully enter your address and phone number. It is important to use the same NAP data online, because it will make it easier for search engines to index your business and display it in local search results. If you abbreviated a street direction or ending, make sure it is consistent on all of your online profiles.

Select the Right Category – Review sites may require you to select a business category as part of configuring your business profile.

List Amenities and Features – Make sure to let prospects know what amenities and features your rental community offers, such as combination washer dryers, an onsite fitness center, security gates, security systems, a swimming pool, and so on.

Include a Website Link – Add a link to your website so prospects will be able to visit your site. If you do not have a website, it is okay to use the link to your Facebook or other social media pages.

Upload High Quality Pictures and Videos – Pictures and videos make it easier for prospects to review your rental homes online. Just make sure the pictures and videos of the model home are consistent with your actual units.

Tell People a Story – Remember to tell people about your rental community or business. People want to know your story and learn more about the community, how it has evolved, and how you specifically help your tenants and rental clients.

After your online profiles are set up, make sure to let others know about them, like updating brochures and promotional flyers to say your rental community is now featured on the review sites you choose. In addition, make sure to interact and respond to online reviews and feedback in a positive manner, to show people you care about your tenants. If you are looking to add new amenities or update your in-home laundry with a modern all-in-one LG Washer Dryer, please feel free to contact FJS Distributors, Inc. today at 1-800-875-1533.

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