Add a LG Washer Dryer Combo to Your Business to Save on Laundry Expenses

Different types of businesses can help reduce laundry service expenses by obtaining their own LG washer dryer combo. For example, beauty salons, health spas, physical therapy centers, health clubs, doctors’ offices and other such operations often have towels and other items which need to be washed. Instead of having to pay a third party service to launder your items, you are able to completely eliminate that expense with your own in-office combination washer and dryer. LG models only require a connection to hot and cold water, and access to a drain. You do not have to worry about having dryer venting installed or adding new plumbing, if you have access to a kitchen sink in your break room. With the addition of an optional wheel kit, and kitchen sink conversion kit, your unit becomes completely portable and is able to be stored out of the way whenever it is not needed. 

A LG Washer Dryer Combo Uses Cold Water and Condensation to Dry Clothes 

The ventless technology found in a LG washer dryer combo uses condensation and cold water to help dry your clothes. During the drying cycle, the air in the unit is heated and starts to dry your clothes. As the air becomes saturated with moisture from the wet clothes, it is routed through a condensing chamber within the rear of the unit. Cold water is used to help keep the condensing chamber cool, so as the warm, moist air passed through it is cooled and water is released from the air before it is returned to the main drum. This cycle is repeated until the clothes are dried. All of the water that is removed through the drying process is simply pumped down the same drain as the wash water.