Get Wrinkle-Free Clothes with an LG Dryer

An LG dryer includes several different drying options to ensure your clothes come out wrinkle free. You need to make sure to choose the best setting on the dryer which matches the load of wet laundry, including delicates, sportswear, wool, bulky items, cotton, mixed fabrics, quick dry, and manual dry settings. It is recommended to presort your clothes into their appropriate types prior to washing, such as sorting jeans from shirts, as well as lights, whites, and darks. For mixed loads, you can either use the mixed fabrics setting on the ventless dryer, or sort the wet clothes and dry them using the most appropriate setting.

Use the Radiant Heat from Your LG Dryer for Smooth Clothes

Once the drying cycle on the LG dryer has completed, you should remove the clothes immediately. The best way to fold clothes is to have a flat top laundry table, if you have a stackable LG washer and dryer, or use the top of the laundry appliances if they are installed side-by-side. The heat left in the clothing can be used to smooth out the fabrics and remove any remaining wrinkles, so you do not have to worry about ironing the clothes later. If you are putting the clothing on hangers, such as with dress shirts or dress pants, smooth out wrinkles first by laying them on the flat surface, and then put them on the hanger.

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