What to Do When Bright Whites Cycle Not Getting Whites Bright

Over time, your white clothing, towels, sheets, and bedding might not seem as clean or bright as they once were. You could start to notice a dingy yellowing occurring, even though you wash these items on the bright whites cycle on your LG washer and dryer combo or other LG washer model. The bright whites cycle helps remove dirt from the clothing, sheets, towels, or bedding, so, even if it starts to take on a yellowish tinge, it does not mean there is something wrong with your washer.

The reason some whites start to turn yellow is due to the materials they are made from and from using chlorine bleach in the wash cycle. Bleach is a great laundry aid, as it kills germs and bacteria, as well as helps get out certain stains. However, the chemical composition of bleach can and does react with the materials in whites when part of the chemical particles are left in the material after the wash cycle. To help reduce the number of particles left in the clothing, make sure your LG washer is set to run a second rinse cycle. Do keep in mind, even with a second rinse cycle—eventually, clothes could still yellow.  

To get your whites bright and restore them from a dingy, yellowish color, your wash cycle needs a boost. Add about a ¼ cup of lemon juice to the bright whites wash cycle by pouring it directly into the washer drum before loading the clothes and starting the wash cycle. Lemon juice helps pull out the particles from the material and restore the original bright white color.

For extremely difficult yellowing problems that will not come out in the wash cycle, there is another simple and easy solution using lemons.

  1. Take a large Dutch oven and put the clothing into it and fill it with water. Be careful to not put too many pieces of clothing in or overfill the pot.
  2. Cut 6 lemons in half, squeeze the juice into the pot, and place each lemon half into the pot with the clothing.
  3. Bring the water to a boil.
  4. Remove the pot from the heat and cover.
  5. Let stand for one to two hours.
  6. Rinse the clothes out using cold water.
  7. Wring out and extract as much water as possible.
  8. Dry in your dryer.

After trying both of these remedies, if your clothes are still not fully restored, the next step is to use Mother Nature to return the clothing to a bright white color. Wash the whites in the washing machine or use the Dutch oven method. Afterwards, instead of drying the clothes in the dryer, hang them outside on a clothes line in direct sunlight. The UV rays of the sun naturally and slowly brightens whites.

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